Do You Avoid “Typical” Nail Colors? Exploring with SEPHORA by OPI Nail Colour I’m Wired

Sephora OPI Im Wired bottle

Something about choosing to wear coral during the summer seemed painfully typical. Is it just me, or is there an unspoken Nail Code that says: if you truly love nail polish, avoid all shades of reds, pinks, and corals (and nudes and sheers) or you shall be lumped with the varnish-unenlightened commoners?

It might be because we now have access to so many different hues of all sorts of different textures and finishes that, if you choose a classic red, a bubblegum pink, or a coral or a nude (or, god forbid, you want to enhance your natural nails with just a top coat!), your fellow nail lovers wonder precisely why you chose that instead of the shimmery taupe-purple quadruple-chrome linear holographic option with octagonal glitter and 24k gold flakes.


Gift from Los Angeles: Sephora by OPI Life’s A Beach Mini Kit Nail Set

Sephora OPI Lifes a Beach Mini Kit Nail Set

Before I dive in, I wanted to say: thank you so much for leaving me such kind comments on my previous back-from-hiatus post. I was really touched that you’d read my post after I’d be gone for half a year (!), and that you took the extra step to give me words of encouragement. I was honestly expecting the chirping of crickets, so THANK YOU!

Now, about the above throng of nail polishes. A good friend, whom I call “wifey,” gave me this adorable Sephora by OPI Life’s A Beach set during my trip to Los Angeles back in April.

I’m completely smitten by the name — I want to call it “Life’s a Peach” instead! I have fond memories of living in L.A., a city that always feels like “home” whenever I visit.


A Shy Hello with the Not-So-Shy Born Pretty Store Cosmiss Nail Polish 04 (Candy Color Glitter Sparkle Yogurt Series)

Cosmiss Yogurt Series 04 Bottle

When online retailer Born Pretty Store contacted me a couple of weeks ago to inquire whether I’d like to review their products, I was in disbelief. After all, my last post here was nearly six months ago. Flattered as I was to be asked, I wondered: what made them think I’d suddenly start again?

I’d pondered this space often during this long hiatus for the nth time, and every time, I’d over-thought and analyzed (read: procrastinated.) Is this actually useful? Does the blogosphere need yet another review of the same product…two months after launch? Do my readers enjoy this? Do I mind that it’s consumerism-driven and societally “shallow?” (I may be a closet hippie.)

You get the idea.

But I accepted. Holding myself accountable with an unofficial agreement seemed to be the most effective motivator. I miss this creative outlet and the process of photographing, writing, and sharing with you when I don’t.

So let me  jump right in and show you one of two nail polishes I chose: Cosmiss #04.


Julep Maven Box #18: January 2013 Boho Glam (Neons & Nudes)

Julep Maven January 2013 Boho Glam Contents

For January, Julep had followed the fashion brands and released their own “cruise collection” with the theme Escape & Unwind featuring neons and nudes.

I usually opt for the nail polish-only It Girl box, which it included three colors in the same family this month (champagne nude, yellow, and orange), so instead, I thought, “why not?” and opted for one that had the oddest combination of shades: the Boho Glam box.


Dior Vernis Gris Trianon 306 (Trianon Grey Spring 2013 Chérie Bow Collection)

Dior Gris Trianon 306 Vernis Bottle

In a collection full of pink, pink, and more pink, Dior Gris Trianon is the black (well, grey) sheep that everyone had their eyes on in the Spring 2013 Chérie Bow collection. Despite light grey being one of Dior’s iconic colors, the brand had been parsimonious in releasing nail polishes in this shade…until now. :)


Dior In Bloom Vernis (Spring 2013 Shinjuku Isetan Japan Exclusive) ディオール イン ブルーム ヴェルニ (新宿伊勢丹限定色)

Dior in Bloom Rosalba 258 Frou Frou 398 Vernis Spring 2013

Dior in Bloom Spring 2013 Shinjuku Isetan Japan exclusive nail polishes (collection info here):

Rosalba ロザルバ 258
Frou Frou フルフル 398


Dior Chérie Bow Collection Vernis (Spring 2013)

Dior Cherie Bow Rosy Bow Tutu Gris Trianon

Dior Spring 2013 Cherie Bow Collection nail polishes (from L to R. Click for swatches):

Rosy Bow 355
Tutu 155


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