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Dior Vernis Blue Denim 607 (Fall 2011 Blue Tie Collection)

Dior Vernis Blue Denim 607 Bottle (Fall 2011 Blue Tie Collection)

For Fall 2011, Dior wants us to go on a (Beige) Safari, wearing a Tuxedo that’s made out of…Blue Denim, apparently! Let’s face it: when we’re out on an expedition encountering lions and tigers and bears (oh, my!) we’ll still want to look sleek and put-together, yet comfortable and mobile with the ease of jeans, yes?

I may be slightly off the mark on the imagery Dior wanted to convey for the Blue Tie collection. Nonetheless, I am in LOVE! Whether you’ll be on a safari or just prepping your paws for your day to day adventures, Dior provided us with a blue that says “chic denim,” not “mom jeans.”

Dior Vernis Blue Denim 607 Swatch (Fall 2011 Blue Tie Collection)
Dior Blue Denim 607 swatch in indirect sunlight

Blue Denim is a blue creme with a slightly purple tint. It has a hint of “dustiness” to it that prevents it from being a bright blue, but rather like a pair of dark-wash jeans. In typical Dior fashion, it has silver hidden micro-shimmer. You can detect it in the bottle, but only barely on the nails under direct light.

Dior Vernis Blue Denim 607 Swatch Outdoor (Fall 2011 Blue Tie Collection)
Dior Blue Denim 607 swatch outdoors

I love that the purple tint becomes more apparent in bright sunlight. It gets even more love for being a near one-coater; it’s opaque in one, but I applied another for the most even, glossy coverage. The formula is creamy and slightly thick, typical for a Dior creme, making it easy to glide onto the nails.

Just when I thought companies haven’t given us many blues this year, Dior volunteered to be the first to provide them for Fall. Blues are, for me, the most attention-grabbing, yet not over-the-top colors that receive nods of approval from both genders. Blue Denim is definitely worth owning; I may be biased, but I say one can never have too many blue polishes!

Blue Denim retails for the pre-increase price of $21 and is available online and in stores in the US as a Nordstrom Exclusive at Nordstrom and also on Dior.com. Worldwide, it is part of the Blue Tie collection and available at Dior beauty boutiques and counters.

P.S. Speaking of blues and denim, are you as excited for Les Jeans de Chanel as I am?!

It’s launching exclusively for Fashion’s Night Out and Chanel.com on September 8th. That day couldn’t come sooner! If you’re impatient like I am, you can go over to their online waitlist and be notified when they arrive online. (But you’ll be camping at the site anyway, right?)

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  1. It’s such a nice and sophisticated colour! I am definitely inspired to get something blue in the near future. :)

  2. Love this on you :3

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