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Dior Vernis Icône 862 (Les Rouges Collection)

Dior Vernis Icone 862 Bottle (Les Rouges Collection)

Of the three nail polishes in Les Rouges collection, Icône is the one I was most ecstatic to add to my collection. It is the only one to have visible, swirly shimmer in the bottle, which naturally had me intrigued. It also happens to be the darkest of the three, and there’s nothing like deep, vampy colors to have my heart beating a little faster.

But what stroked my curiosity more is that, like Trafalgar and Gruau G*,  Icône is also a tribute to the history of Dior. It is an homage to a 1955 Dior Vernis called Rouge Icône. It was created to accompany the “Atout Coeur” dress in the Spring-Summer ’55 runway show.

Christian Dior Atout Coeur Dress Spring-Summer 1955
1955 Atout Coeur dress. Credit: BritishBeautyBlogger

So here is Dior, offering an iconic vintage 50s Vernis shade. How did it translate today?

Dior Vernis Icone 862 Swatch (Les Rouges Collection)
Dior Icône 862 swatch in indirect sunlight

Icône is a deep reddish brown. The color is not brown enough to look like you dipped your hands in delicious chocolate, but it’s also not red enough so that it’s not a wine color. I love a vampy shade, but this one did not wow me like I thought it would. The fascinating flashes of pink and orange shimmer in the bottle become virtually invisible on the nails, especially under indirect light.

Have we seen this happen before? Yup, Tuxedo from the Blue Tie collection was the same: tons of shimmer in the bottle, a near-creme on the nails. I actually loved this about Tuxedo since its shimmer created a metallic sheen instead, but this is not the case with Icône. It truly looks like a creme.

To be fair, the shimmer does come alive under bright light. The reddish tone is also intensified, appearing as if it’s an entirely different nail polish. I do like that it’s a multi-faceted polish; I can’t be the only one who loves admiring a nail color under different lighting, yes? :P

Dior Vernis Icone 862 Swatch Outdoor (Les Rouges Collection)
Dior Icône 862 swatch outdoors

But if my lukewarm feelings toward the color weren’t enough, I found its formula to be a complete disappointment. Surprising for a Dior polish, it was unusually thick and dry on first use. I added a couple of drops of nail polish thinner, which fixed the consistency, but it didn’t improve its patchy, uneven application. I may have enjoyed this color more with a better formula because it applies a beautiful, brighter wine red on the first coat. It’s a saturated, opaque color, but 2 coats still showed unevenness and I had to use 3 coats to eliminate bald spots, deepening the color.

The polish I was most excited for turned out to be a let-down. It’s definitely personal preference, but the color doesn’t thrill me like the other 2 shades in Les Rouges. When I can detect the bright pink and orange shimmer, they seem to clash with the red-brown base, which to me look old-fashion and not very flattering.

Icône is part of limited edition Les Rouges collection and is no longer available for purchase. Keep an eye out, though: Dior has recently promoted the collection on Facebook, which might mean they are bringing back the collection.

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  1. Wow this is quite intriguing. I think we need a nail polish chemist or mix master to help explain the missing shimmer. Did they evaporate into the air or the red pigment just over power the shimmer?

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