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Julep Maven Membership Program & It-Girl Introductory Sneak Peek Box

Julep Maven It Girl Introductory Sneak Peek Box

Have you heard of Julep? They’re a boutique nail salon based in Seattle, Washington, founded on a philosophy of providing a place for girlfriends to come together. The health-conscious company not only provide salon services, but also manufacture their own line of nail polishes that are 3-Free (free of toxins DPB, toulene and formaldehyde) as well as hand and foot care products (sans parabens, sulfates, and phthalates.)

Julep’s founder is Jane Park, who holds a B.A. from Princeton and J.D. from Yale Law School, and was an executive at Starbucks. She actually quit her senior Starbucks position to pursue her dream of launching Julep. In an interview, she mentioned her parents had cried when she quit. But who’s crying now? A smart, successful, ambitious girl with a nail polish line? Yes, please!

But to be completely honest, I’d heard of Julep but hadn’t paid much attention to the niche brand. Their salons are only located in Washington State at the moment and the only other point of purchase is their online store. But when their announcement quickly spread online that they’re staring the Julep Maven Program, my ears perked up.

So what’s Julep Maven? It’s a membership program available in US and Canada where they mail you over $40 worth of products (many of them before they’re released to the public) every month based on your “Maven Style” for $19.99 per month, free shipping.

You’re not obligated to participate every month; they show you exactly what you’ll be receiving prior to shipment, and you have the option of requesting a “shelf pull” and receiving an alternative selection, sending it elsewhere (to friends and family), or skipping that month altogether.

You determine your Maven Style by taking a short Style Quiz. No worries, it’s a fun quiz containing questions like, “If I were a heroine in a movie, I’d be…” and “My dream partner is…” (Hellooo, Bradley Cooper! Your swoon-ness factor went up 10-fold with your French!)

Out of 5 possible Styles, I got “It Girl.” (Other Styles are Classic with a Twist, Boho Glam, American Beauty, and Bombshell.)

Julep Maven It Girl Quiz Result

When I found out there’s a code to purchase the first month’s box for $4.99 (it may still work!) instead of $19.99, I didn’t hesitate to join! There’s also a 50% off coupon circulating, both of which I’ll share.

See what I received in the Introductory Sneak Peek Box!

Included in the Introductory It Girl Box:

  • Not yet released Fall 2011 color, Emilie (retails for $14)
  • Shimmery Sienna, in consideration for October Vogue magazine ($14)
  • Julep Base Coat ($14)
  • “Facial for Hands” Glycolic Hand Scrub ($32)
  • Samples: SPF 30 Hand Cream and Glycolic Hand Scrub (though I’d received a full size…)

For a total of $74 worth of products for $4.99 (with code). :D

Julep Maven It Girl Sienna Emilie Base Coat Bottles
L to R: Sienna, Emilie, Julep Base Coat

Julep Hand Cream Scrub Samples

I tried the Julep Base Coat, which will most likely replace the Seche Vite base coat I’ve been using for ages, and put on Sienna since I’m a sucker for anything gold! I’ve also exfoliated my hands for the first time since…well, never, with the Glycolic Hand Scrub and it was such a treat. I’m going to test them further for individual reviews!

Overall, I’m incredibly pleased with my first Julep Maven box and can’t wait for the next one! I got an incredible deal with the code, but even at its regular $19.99 price tag and free shipping, it’s so worth it. I was able to get them thanks to my bf’s help, but I hope they offer international shipping in the future.

Want in? First, take the Style Quiz to find out which Maven you are here. Then enter code FIRST5 to receive $15 off. In case the code doesn’t work there are a couple of “50% off entire order” codes, making your first box $10: TWITTER and FBMAVEN. You’ll also receive a 20% off code with your box to use for future Julep purchases. (Disclosure: the links are referral links, which you will also receive when you join Julep Maven. When you purchase through these links, Julep credits me $15 to use toward my next Julep purchases. The codes do not provide me any credit.)

What do you think of Julep? Will you be giving them a try?


Edited to add: It’s been brought to my attention that some have been having issues with Julep, mainly due to the company failing to disclose a glitch in their referral program, resulting in the referrers not being credited the $15 when someone signs up using their link. (Please see link in comment section for details.)

I was personally not affected by the glitch (since no one had signed up with my link, as far as I know) and my opinion of the box I received doesn’t change. I’m not concerned about the referral program; I took Julep Maven as an opportunity to try a new brand and expand my nail polish horizon.

However, disclosure and honesty can make or break a company. I hope Julep sincerely apologizes to everyone and makes a PSA about the issue and any future issues they encounter. It’s not right for them to be aware of the issue but not announce it publicly. IMO, they didn’t do it to deceive anyone and it’s a small company/man power/customer service/disorganization issue. I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and allow them to make things right. They need to post a public explanation and an apology and swear that they will be truthful.

We know they’re a small company and that there may be kinks along the way, with Julep Maven still in its infancy. They need to admit this themselves and delegate someone in their team to make the decision to be very public and clear about the problems that may arise. I definitely understand the issue and the frustration, and feeling like they did it to deceive.

From what I’ve heard, they are very accommodating with their customer service and in handling problems with shipments, etc. If you have questions before purchase or any issues after purchase, don’t hesitate to contact them. They’re very active on their Facebook and Twitter, and they can also be contacted via their Contact Us page.

Update #2: Julep has provided a public apology, disclosure of the glitch, and the October Maven Box for free to all Julep Mavens to remedy the issue. Please refer to my post here.

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  1. The green and gold look amazing! I just read another blog post on Julep that you might be interested in: http://www.thepolishaholic.com/2011/09/i-am-no-longer-julep-maven-this-is-why.html

    • I read the post and I hope Julep resolves the issues and are more transparent in the future. I’m personally not concerned about the referral program, but I can definitely understand the frustrations.

      I’m happy with the box; in terms of that, they definitely delivered!

  2. Cute bottle!

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