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Chanel Le Vernis Coco Blue (Les Jeans de Chanel Collection Fall 2011 FNO)

Chanel Coco Blue Le Vernis Bottle

In celebration of this year’s Fashion’s Night Out (FNO), Peter Philips, Creative Director of Chanel Makeup, created Les Jeans de Chanel, a limited edition collection of three denim-inspired nail polishes. Along with Dior’s Blue Tie collection (with even a Blue Denim Vernis,) fashion houses exhibit that blue is in for Fall.

Chanel Les Jeans de Chanel Collection PR

Even at $29 each (in the USA), an inexplicable 16% markup from their usual $25, resistance  to Les Jeans was futile as a lover of blues and cremes. What I’d initially thought was a trio of cremes turned out to be untrue, as Coco Blue ($29) is the lone non-creme of the collection. And I’m smitten!

Chanel Coco Blue Le Vernis Swatch
Chanel Coco Blue Le Vernis swatch in indirect sunlight

Coco Blue ($29) is a light sky blue with silver micro-shimmer that give the finish an overall sheen. It looks like a creme, especially at an arm’s length and without direct light.

The color itself is not subtle, but it has a subdued grey undertone that make it more wearable than a bright, baby blue. Chanel says Coco Blue “can be worn with the same effortlessness as a favorite pair of softly faded jeans.” Très chic!

Chanel Coco Blue Le Vernis Swatch Macro
Chanel Coco Blue Le Vernis swatch under direct light

The formulation isn’t sheer, but was prone to patchiness, requiring 3 careful coats for even application. It’s not the easiest to apply, but the result is well worth the effort, non? I see it work on a a wide range of skin tones and be appropriate in settings wherever denim is suitable.

I’m loving Coco Blue! It’s limited edition and retails for $29 in the USA (a $4 price increase) and in select countries (reportedly without the markup) at Chanel online and in stores.

P.S. Quick to jump on the trend was Nubar with their upcoming Jeans Collection:

Nubar Jeans Collection

They say: imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I’m curious how close they are to Les Jeans, especially with nail polish cognoscenti unable to find their exact twins in other polishes. With Nubar Jeans retailing $20 for all three compared to $29 each for Chanel, I can see them drawing in a crowd of buyers. What do you think?

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8 Responses to Chanel Le Vernis Coco Blue (Les Jeans de Chanel Collection Fall 2011 FNO)

  1. This color is very pretty =)
    too bad that we dun hav this collection in CA:<!!and the price is 29USD !??only for this collection right@@?
    I was checking you blog out today afternoon when i was in sch library kekee but didnt see any updates :P but when im back at home and go to ur blog again YAY!!!new swatches :3 really enjoy reading ur blog :3

  2. Coco Blue looks great on you! Is it sad that I haven’t even opened the boxes my Les Jeans are in yet?

  3. Coco blue reminds me of my car! Is it too much to match nail color with car color? hehehe

  4. Currently I have Blue Rebel on, and I started to regret a little about not getting Coco Blue too (to complete the trio) ;) Then as I’m on Chanel’s website about to order May, and I see the Coco Blue is available… Not sure what to do… that little mark-up really bugs me. So is it worth it? You know me and light colors…

    • Coco Blue has been available on Chanel.com for a while, so I think there is a lot in stock. Why not try the Nubar dupes to see if you’ll like it on you? :)

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