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Chanel Le Vernis Blue Rebel (Les Jeans de Chanel Collection Fall 2011 FNO)

Chanel Blue Rebel Le Vernis Bottle

As much as I kvetch about the dropping temperature (hot, sweaty, beaming summer is my favorite season…peach is a summer fruit, you know?), I put forth just as much energy into celebrating fashion and beauty brands releasing darker hued clothes, accessories, and of course, cosmetics, in which to embellish ourselves from head to toe. On the nails, I could sport dark, vampy colors any time of the year; they provide a defined contrast with the hands for a bold, statement-making (and in my mind, sexy!) look.

Chanel Le Vernis Blue Rebel ($29) in the limited edition Les Jeans de Chanel collection is a dark, but not-too-dark shade that is a great transition shade into more vampy colors. It’s inspired by the “inky dye of dark-wash jeans,” which Chanel says is an “essential part of every modern woman’s wardrobe.” I can’t argue with that!

Chanel Blue Rebel Le Vernis Swatch
Chanel Blue Rebel Le Vernis under indirect sunlight

With so many blues in the nail polish market, what makes Blue Rebel special? 1) It’s a dark blue doesn’t appear black and 2) it takes on a slightly dusty hue. It looks like a very basic, plain blue creme in the bottle, but applies a few shades darker and “smokier.” It’s a darker version of Blue Boy in the same collection, although Blue Boy seems purplish next to Blue Rebel.

Chanel Blue Rebel Le Vernis Swatch Macro
Chanel Blue Rebel Le Vernis in sunlight

The most impressive attribute of Blue Rebel is its formula. I wish all cremes were as pigmented, smooth, and glossy! It’s almost fully opaque in one thin coat and dries quickly to a shiny finish, pre-top coat. The 2 coats I applied flowed easily without creating ridges, blending into each stroke seamlessly and applying just where I placed the brush without flooding into the cuticles.

Many fashionistas must have realized the appeal of Blue Rebel as it quickly sold out online and, as of today, the whole Les Jeans collection is no longer available on Chanel.com, where it was available for less than a month. If you act fast, you may be able to find Blue Rebel (along with Coco Blue and Blue Boy) in-stores at Chanel boutiques and counters in select countries.

Which Les Jeans Vernis is your favorite?

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  1. love this color on you too!!:3 ur photos are always sooo pretty!!you made me wanna start my own blog too!! :< but I dun have a good camera…my photos are always blurry.

  2. I didnt see you around on tpf!!I hope you are just busy and everything is going well for you :3

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