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Chanel Le Vernis Rose Insolent 489 in Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Chanel Rose Insolent 489 Vernis Bottle

Along with other nail polish lovers, I decided to sport pink in support of the October Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

There’s not a color that’s more girly and cutesy than pink. But not being particularly girly myself (my parents love to say they have 3 children that are girls on the outside, but boys on the inside…har-har) and far from the cutesy type (as much as I’d love to be), I take pink in small doses, like in the form of small accessories and knick-knacks.

My aversion to this color also goes for nails, but I do hope it spreads awareness that women should be doing self-checkups (or aided by your family doc or gynecologist), not just for October, but every month. The added plus is that the subtle warmth of this loud pink makes Chanel Rose Insolent wearable, even for a non-pink lover like me.

Chanel Rose Insolent 489 Vernis Swatch
Chanel Rose Insolent 489 Vernis swatch in indirect sunlight

Rose Insolent is a medium rosy pink semi-jelly with a slight warm undertone. I love the name of this polish; it suggests insolence, an air of arrogance ,when this polish is worn. It’s like, “yes, I’m wearing a vivid, in-your-face pink and I don’t care!” I see it as a grown-up version of Barbie pink, and the hint of yellow undertone makes it suitable for a wide range of skin tones compared to a pastel or blue-based pink.

Chanel Rose Insolent 489 Vernis Swatch Macro
Chanel Rose Insolent 489 swatch in sunlight

The jelly formula applies smoothly, though I would say the finish is less glossy than other jellies I’ve tried. The finish is more creme. It’s semi-translucent, so it’s slightly more tricky to make it fully opaque in 2 coats, but it’s definitely possible.

Rose Insolent was originally released in Fall 2010 and is a permanent part of the Chanel Vernis line, available for purchase online and in-stores at Chanel.

P.S. I’ve been drooling over the Dior Garden Party collection, which will be released for Spring 2012. Do I care that they’re cool-toned and won’t look good on my warm-toned skin? Nope. Or that I’ve yet to obtain the Dior 2011 Holiday collection? Nuh-uh.

Dior Garden Party Spring 2012 Waterlily Forget Me Not

One thing I’m slightly worried about: they’re rose scented. Please let it be a subtle, temporary scent and not one that lingers on and on!

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22 Responses to Chanel Le Vernis Rose Insolent 489 in Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

  1. I always adore your pics, everything looks great on you :-)
    Rose Insolent is a lovely polish, not too bright, but still cheerful enough.

    Regarding the Dior 2012 polishes: I love the colors, but I really don’t like that they’re scented. While I always wear perfume, I just can’t deal with scented polish, the scent lingering on for days totally bugs me.
    Fingers crossed the scent will be very subdued & short-lived!

    • Thanks so much, Tabatha! Do you have Rose Insolent too?

      I don’t know if I can deal with lingering scent from a polish, either! What would get me is smelling roses while eating something savory. And I do hope it’s a realistic scent and not the typical artificial, powdery rose!

  2. Peach~~This color is sooo pretty on you:3
    >//<I have to control myself…I cant get this one..I bought too many recently..and I dont wear bright pink often enough!!but it looks so pretty on you:)!!
    oo and are u cool toned?am I cool toned@@?if silver looks better than gold on me then I am cool toned, right?
    haha I have to figure this out for the secret bunny:3

    • Thanks! It sounds like you’re cool-toned. No wonder you look great in light pinks and dusty colors! I’m the opposite and don’t look so great in pastel shades or that minty Dior green!

  3. AHHHHHH sooo excited for the Diors! Mint green and light purple are my favorite polish colors. And I’m cool-toned, too–it’s like a little capsule collection just for me! I am also scent sensitive but for whatever reason I seem to be able to deal with rose pretty well so I am not too worried.

    Rose Insolent is beautiful too but I do have to agree that pink is not one of the polish colors I reach for first. Plus it is just totally overshadowed for me by the Diors!

    • Hi Julia! Oh, am I ever envious that you’ll be able to pull off those Dior Spring colors, and in your favorite shades! My mind is totally on the Diors, too. :) What colors do you wear most often?

  4. I really love pastel cremes (especially in green, blue, and purple), olive greens, and blackened shimmers (like the YSL New Blacks collection that just came out (which I own) or the Chanel Moscow collection (which was woefully before my polish time)). I’ve also developed an affinity for gray polish but I’m not QUITE as compulsive about it as those other colors.

    I tend to be able to pull off most polish colors–I don’t know if most polishes favor cool-toned people or if I just happen to like the colors that suit me–but one of my great polish sadnesses is that I just can’t quite pull off Chanel Morning Rose. I read deserved raves about it all over the place online, then I saw it in person and was wowed by the gold shimmer and eagerly bought it, but it simply pulls too warm to be really flattering for me. Beautiful in the bottle and on others, but it just looks off on me :(.

    • Sounds to me like we can cover the whole polish spectrum with our preferences combined! I cannot for the life of me pull off pastels and Morning Rose happens to be one of my favorites this year. But I’m with you on the blackened shimmers. Anything vampy and dark gets my love, but I haven’t become quite brave enough to go the glitter route yet.

      I’m debating on the YSL New Blacks. Must haves? :)

      • If you have an affinity for those sorts of colors, I would say the YSL New Blacks are must haves. They are beautiful colors, the formula is great (all can be one-coaters), and I think Black Indigo (the purple) is pretty unique to boot–at least, I don’t recall seeing many blackened purples floating around. The only downsides are that the bottles are small, only .2 oz, and expensive for the size. But, the one-coater potential mitigates the small size for me, and the price is in line with similar brands. Also, I know it’s being sold in a couple of formats around the world, but the trio set that is available to the US market comes in a cute gold box with the polishes inside in a black velvety drawstring bag with a gold YSL insignia on it, so it makes a really nice gift, even if you are only gifting yourself, like me :).

        • I like your thinking! The packaging sure is pretty. My only hesitation at this point is that they’re not regular size. I usually like to get full sizes, which is completely irrational since it’s not like I’ll ever finish up a whole bottle of polish. :P Thanks for your input!

  5. I’m wearing pink and I don’t care. :) That is so true! Need to be girly some of the time!

    Yikes Halloween vs Breast Cancer month. (*.*) I’m going with Halloween!

    • Pumpkins or boobs, pumpkins or boobs…oh the decisions we must face!

      I say both. You still have time before Halloween to sneak in a pink! ;) What are you thinking for Halloween nails?

      • The Juplep Zoe, burnt orange/ metallic bronze, actually goes pretty well for Halloween. I’ve been using it for Pedi.

        Anything dark and vampy would be good too… The darkest I have is the Blue Boy. *_*

  6. Count me in among those hoping the scent will be faint and short-lived! The Rose Insolent looks great on you, as does everything.

  7. Absolute perfection!!!

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