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Dior Vernis Camel 622 (Mitzah Collection Fall 2011)

Dior Camel 622 Vernis Mitzah Bottle

Camel is the lighter of the two nail polishes in the Dior Mitzah Collection, alongside Ebony. I find it odd that a color inspired by leopard print be named after a desert-dwelling animal, but to be fair, the fur of the mammal is representative of the shade.

I’d previously mentioned that Dior Safari Beige is a great neutral color for those with cool-toned skin. I’m happy to say that Camel serves the same purpose for warm-toned hands, and I find it much more complementary to my yellow-based skin.

Dior Camel 622 Vernis Mitzah Swatch
Dior Camel 622 Vernis swatch in indirect sunlight

Dior Camel is a warm-toned, tanned beige creme with the usual hidden shimmer that gives it depth. It reminds me not of a camel, but of caramel. From the promotional photos, I was expecting a buttery, yellow-beige shade, but instead, it has a more tanned, reddish undertone.

The formula is what I’d come to expect from a Dior Vernis: creamy and opaque in 2 coats, with a thicker consistency compared to polishes from other brands. I have to note that Camel lasted a week of wear while I was on a road trip in the mountains last week, during which I was rougher on my hands than usual.

Dior Camel 622 Vernis Mitzah Swatch Macro
Dior Camel 622 Vernis swatch in sunlight

Camel ($22) is limited edition and sold exclusively at Sephora in the U.S. and at boutiques and counters in select countries. It was also available in Asia as part of the Spring 2011 Jungle Collection.

By the way, did you notice that it is packaged in a special black and gold box, different from the usual dark blue box? It does feel special, but also very familiar, since the palettes from last year’s Dior Holiday Minaudiere Collection also arrived in boxes styled the exact same way. (But strangely enough, the polishes in that collection did not sport these special boxes.)

Dior Holiday 2010 Gold Edition Five Golds Eyeshadow Box
Dior Holiday 2010 Five Golds box, the same style as Mitzah Collection boxes!

Speaking of that Five Golds quint, I haven’t even touched it! Let’s just say I purchased it during a time I LOVED heavy smokey eyes and I would make myself look like a panda everyday. I adore the deep colors in the quint, but since then, I’ve been wearing lighter looks, hence the pristinely untouched palette.

Do you have makeup you purchased but ended up never wearing or even testing?

8 Responses to Dior Vernis Camel 622 (Mitzah Collection Fall 2011)

  1. How do you have the ability to make every color look good? This looks great on you! It is a nice neutral.

  2. Love my smoley eyed ~~~

  3. This color is soooooooooo pretty on you:3 even orange looks nice on you..I cant think of any color that wont look good on you..really:D It reminds me of toffee apple!!I wanna eat it:3 haha my mom loves this color sooooo much so i bought Essie Brooch the Subject..-v-”in case camel ran out,I can have something similar to substitute :3

    • BB, I just saw your comment. Thank you! Mmm, it does look like toffee apple. It truly is a delicious color and I’m glad to know there’s a substitute!

  4. I bought this from Sephora.com and sent it back. It looked horrible on my hands and wasn’t nearly as a pretty “Cafe au Lait” as it looks on your hands. No worries, though! Sephora is great with returns. I’ll just have to spend the $21 on another color! :)

    • Haha, I like the way you think! I agree, this is very warm-toned and more difficult to pull off for cooler skin tones. No worries, another color awaits!

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