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Dior Vernis Ebony 912 (Mitzah Collection Fall 2011)

Dior Ebony 912 Mitzah Bottle

“Madame Bricard is one of the rare people for whom elegance is their sole reason for living,” said Christian Dior of Mitzah Bricard, his beloved muse.

The story goes, Mitzah always wore a leopard print chiffon scarf around her wrist to hide a scar. Dior admired her elegance and mysterious personality, and began incorporating this animal print in his designs from 1947.

Mitzah Bricard
Mitzah Bricard, Dior’s beloved muse. Photo credit: Elle Italy

The Fall 2011 Mitzah Collection is a tribute to Dior’s inspiration. Ebony, the darker of the 2 nail polishes in this collection, takes on its shade from the dark motif on a leopard.

Dior Ebony 912 Vernis Nail Laquer Mitzah Swatch
Dior Ebony 912 Vernis swatch in indirect sunlight

Ebony is a cool-toned dark brown creme without any redness. It has an ever-so-slight grey cast that gives it a taupe-y look. Like most of Dior’s creme polishes, it has hidden silver microshimmer that is only barely visible up close and under bright light.

The first coat applies more sheer than a typical Dior creme, but becomes fully opaque after two coats. The finish is darker and even less red than the bottle color.

Dior Ebony 912 Mitzah Vernis Nail Laquer Swatch Macro
Dior Ebony 912 Vernis swatch in sunlight

To be honest, I didn’t think dark brown would be a flattering nail color, but I am loving the look! Because it’s not a reddish-brown, it doesn’t look like chocolate on the nails, or even coffee (which I was hoping it would), but rather, it’s an elegant, glossy, grey-brown that’ll easily complement many autumn outfits.

If you haven’t tried brown polishes, it’s a must! What do you think? :)

Ebony ($22) is limited edition and sold exclusively at Sephora in the U.S. and at boutiques and counters in select countries. It was also available in Asia as part of the Spring 2011 Jungle Collection.

P.S. Have you seen this video? Dior combined with video games — YES, PLEASE! I do have to wonder whether permissions had to be (or were) obtained to parody these games :P.

YouTube Preview Image

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  1. ;3kekee Im kinda happy that we are in different time zone, so when I stay up late studying , I can always drop by and find out u have new post while I was reading those boring articlesXD
    I am still thinking if I should get Ebony..ur swatches are so tempting!
    The Dior video game is cute!*w*

  2. Such a rich colour! It looks good on you :)

    Man you really need to help your friends out (read: me) and do a tutorial on application. I love how neat your colour line is along the nail bed and cuticles… So jealous!

    • Thanks, Vivy! I try to paint an arc following the cuticle from center outward, like painting parallel to the cuticle line. Then I paint as normal down the nail bed. Hope that helps!

  3. I find this color just perfect for Halloween! ^_^

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