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Dior Vernis NY 57th 807 (Gris City Collection)

Dior NY 57th 807 Vernis Bottle

Not to sound like a grandma, but has it already been nearly a year since the release of Dior NY 57th? If you recall, it was available late last year as part of the Gris City collection, a trio of nail polishes inspired by Dior boutiques around the world.

With the temperature here dropping to Manhattan winter digits (ok, ok I’m exaggerating…but anything below 25C is cold to me!), I turned to this NYC boutique-inspired Vernis that evoke the words industrial, edgy, and cool.

Dior NY 57th 807 Vernis Swatch
Dior NY 57th Vernis swatch in indirect sunlight

NY 57th is a dark metallic gray with silver micro-shimmer. It seems to “absorb” surrounding colors, like appearing slightly blue when worn with a blue shirt. It possesses a slightly dull look, like unpolished metal, unless under direct light.

It show streaks upon application, but they become less noticeable as it dries. I suggest applying in long, straight strokes to make them less visible. At an arm’s length, the streaks are hardly noticeable and your nails look as if they were dipped in molten metal.

Dior NY 57th 807 Vernis Swatch Macro
Dior NY 57th Vernis swatch outdoors, reflecting slightly blue against blue shirt

The consistency is a dream to work with and nearly opaque in a single coat. It’s slightly thinner than a typical Dior polish in a creme formula, but far from being watery.

Dior NY 57th 807 Vernis Swatch Macro Outdoor
Dior NY 57th Vernis swatch in direct sunlight

I like the color best under direct sunlight. Thanks to the silver micro-shimmer, it gives it that “dark edges, light center” look as if it’s glowing from within. With an abundant silver tone, I feel it looks best on those with cool to neutral skin tones, though it’s definitely a color that works on warm skin.

I wrongly assumed NY 57th is still available (since Gris Montaigne in the same collection appears to be permanent) but it is limited edition and no longer for sale. I didn’t mean to tease…forgive me? If you picked it up, how do you like it?

P.S. Another book I’ve been dying to read came out this week!

Murakami Haruki 1Q84 Cover

1Q84 by Haruki Murakami. It borrows from George Orwell’s 1984 (“Q” is the same sound as the number 9 in Japanese). I’ve been a fan of Murakami’s work ever since I first read his book, The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, years ago. All his books are full of “WTF!” moments that take you to another other-wordly dimension.

So many books (and nail polishes), so little time… :P

5 Responses to Dior Vernis NY 57th 807 (Gris City Collection)

  1. You really have a lot of Dior’s :3 heheeee!!This color is nice:)
    Ohhhhhh!!No wonder!I know why ppl call the 9(in Chinese,it can be a swear word!!)Q now!!hahahahahaaa >v< didnt know they were speaking in japanese(only for the number"9") hahahaaa

  2. Which is your favorite: Chanel graphite, quartz, or this?

    • Graphite, hands down! Good thing it’s not limited edition, unlike NY 57th which is no longer available. I think Quartz would be a good neutral for Fall and appropriate for work. :)

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