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Dior Vernis Perfecto 804 (Rock Your Nails Collection Spring 2011)

Dior Perfecto 804 Vernis Bottle

Is it really autumn right now? It seems I’ve prematurely pulled out my cold weather ensembles as we’ve been having an unusually warm and humid October. (I’m wearing shorts!) But even under the beaming sun, I’m in the mood for my favorite kind of dark, vampy nail polishes, traditionally fit for cooler temperatures.

Dior must have been in a similar mood. They originally released Perfecto as part of the Spring 2011 Rock Your Nails Collection, forgoing the standard spring palette.

Dior Perfecto 804 Vernis Swatch
Dior Perfecto 804 Vernis swatch in indirect sunlight

Dior Perfecto applies much darker than the bottle color as a near-black grey creme. The market is saturated with every variation of “dusty” shades with hints of grey, so it’s refreshing to come across a straight, dark charcoal without an obvious colored tint. And yes, as you probably already guessed, it has hidden shimmer like most Dior cremes, which is barely visible close-up and under bright light.

It has a typical Dior creme consistency: creamy, on the thicker side, and applies easily to full opacity in 2 coats. I keep repeating myself, but I absolutely adore Dior’s formula!

Dior Perfecto 804 Vernis Swatch Macro
Dior Perfecto 804 Vernis swatch in sunlight

Even in bright light, it’s a very dark, saturated grey that can appear black. I believe these kind of near-black polishes get a bad rap, but I love that dark polishes seem to make skin appear more luminous and even, and hands and fingers more slender. And that’s always in vogue regardless of season, no? ;)

Perfecto (USD $22) is part of the permanent Dior Vernis line and available online and in stores.

4 Responses to Dior Vernis Perfecto 804 (Rock Your Nails Collection Spring 2011)

  1. That is a perfect charcoal! I feel the darker or blacker nail polish are difficult to apply and maintain. Because a little mistake or chip would look very obvious…

    • Chips are more noticeable compared to lighter colors, but that only means it’s time for the next color! :D I usually wear a light shade if I know I can’t change manicures, like on a short travel.

  2. Another pretty color on you:3I have been wanted to ask you for a while!!What do you use to do clean up after? or How did you clean up?Your mani are always so neat:3

    • Thanks! I’m really lazy about clean-ups and just let any polish on skin come off in the bath. Practice and the right formula/brush also helps make lines neater! :)

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