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Dior Vernis Purple Mix 887

Dior Purple Mix 887 Bottle

I remember rushing out to the department store to grab ahold of Purple Mix, originally part of the Spring 2011 Rock Your Nails collection, fearing it’s limited edition.

It has since been (thankfully) added to the permanent line. But thinking about it made me realize that, while we adorned our nails in various shades and finishes of blue, this is the one and only purple in Dior’s launches this year. Without a hint of the color in sight for the holidays, it will be at least a few months before we can wrap our manicured hands around another bottle of this royal shade. (Which, as you already know, is the Spring 2012 Dior Garden Party collection that I fawned over here.)

Dior Purple Mix 887 Vernis Swatch
Dior Purple Mix 887 Vernis swatch in indirect sunlight

As the lone purple, Purple Mix takes the stage as a mid-tone purple creme (with Dior’s usual hidden shimmer) with a warm pink undertone, setting it apart from other blue-based purples.

I’d hesitate to categorize this as a “dusty” color, but it does have a slightly hazy quality. It gives it an air of sophistication as opposed to a more vivid, “fun” purple.

Dior Purple Mix 887 Vernis Swatch Macro
Dior Purple Mix 887 Vernis swatch in sunlight

It applies like a typical Dior Vernis, creamy , smooth and opaque in 2 coats. I love that the pink undertone comes alive under bright light, dramatically changing its appearance from indoor lighting or in the shade. I can see the color complementing many skin tones despite the slight warm undertone.

I hope Dior (and other fashion houses) bring more purple next year, preferably spread out over the seasons instead of in a single collection as I tend to get bored of the color that way. (I’m looking at you, Dior Blue Tie and Les Jeans de Chanel!)

Do you have a favorite purple?

P.S. I picked up a (digital) copy of Steve Jobs’ biography, simultaneously released worldwide today.

Steve Jobs Biography Cover

I’m excited to delve into the mind of this genius who is dearly loved and missed by the world. From what I heard, some sections mention Jobs’ connection to Japan. Did you know he was closely inspired by and practiced Zen? And that he and his wife had a Japanese Buddhist wedding?

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  1. Ooh, I’ve had my eye on this one but haven’t seen many swatches before this. It’s definitely a winner! I really love the trend of slightly dusty or greyed out colors–it seems to translate into instant chic-ness, at least for me. I’ll almost certainly pick this color up eventually.

  2. Your photos so make me want to wear mine! This looks so beautiful on you. Shoot, why do I have so many untrieds?!

  3. It is soo pretty on you!!:3

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