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Halloween Spooky, Drippy, Bloody French Nails with Dior

Halloween Drippy Bloody French Nails Dior Icone & Gruau Vernis

Happy Halloween! Nail art is definitely not my forte, but I attempted drippy nails for the occasion with all Dior Vernis.

Nail polishes used:

It’s easy to do (just randomly draw squiggly lines!) and doesn’t have to be bloody and scary. Think: brown for chocolate drips, pink for strawberry ice cream, yellow for cheese fondue, etc. Mmm.

What’s on your nails for Halloween? :)

P.S. Care for some pumpkin soufflé?

Ginza Cozy Corner Halloween Pumpkin Souffle

It’s from Ginza Cozy Corner, one of the oldest cake shops in Japan. (Since 1948!)

8 Responses to Halloween Spooky, Drippy, Bloody French Nails with Dior

  1. And you said nail art isnt your forte? I like this. It’s elegant and subtle and besides I’m a huge Dior fan :D

  2. Oooh, the pumpkin soufflé looks delicious! I don’t do nail art, so my halloween nails are OPI Take the Stage with my ring fingers in China Glaze It’s Alive. I like to think of it as a glitzy pumpkin.

  3. This is sooo pretty on you:)!!Just as always, everyth is gorgeous on you!!
    I wanna try this bloody French nails sometimes too but Halloween just passed HAHAHA LOL!!I did want to try this a week ago on a weekend> < but I was just too worried that if I do the bloody french tip carelessly then I will ruined the 2-3 layers of the nude color T^T

    • Aww thanks, bb! Do give it a try! Since Halloween is over, why not try it with different colors like I mentioned above? You could make it look like an ice cream sundae! :D

  4. What manicure scary!

What say you?