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Peachy Product: Philosophy Lip Shine in Fresh Peaches with Cream

Philosophy Lip Shine Fresh Peaches with Cream Tube

Do you have trigger words or motifs that set off your Want-It-Now radar, dull your rational senses, and have you doing the grabby hands motion? I seem to have too many, but one of them is “peach.” (Hope it wasn’t too obvious. :P) Philosophy Lip Shine in Fresh Peaches with Cream would have had me hunting one down in no time, but before I even knew it existed, a sweet friend gave it to me as a gift. (Thank you, wifey!)

Lip Shines are glosses, yes, but it’s so moisturizing, applies clear, and not too sticky (not even close to being as sticky as a MAC Lipglass, but more sticky than an ultra non-sticky Dior Addict Gloss) that it has me ditching my usual arsenal of lip balms.

But before we even get to that, oh, the scent…the SCENT!

Philosophy Lip Shine Fresh Peaches with Cream Macro OG

This must be what peach heaven smells like. As soon as you dispense some gloss and bring it to your lips, you get a waft of juicy peaches with a bit of whipped cream on the side. The scent is realistic, just as I find most Philosophy scents to be. Like the name, it’s a “fresh” ripe peach scent that is delicate and light, and not of an overly sweetened canned peaches or peach candy.

Philosophy claims this is “high-flavor,” but I think it can be stronger! It’s only a faint taste and not at all obtrusive, like the scent. After the initial application, I can only smell peaches some of the time when I breathe in or when the wind blows.

Philosophy Lip Shine Fresh Peaches with Cream Applicator

As mentioned, it goes on clear with a light sparkle that is only visible up close or under bright light, much like the “hidden shimmer” in Dior’s creme nail polishes. I find that most Lip Shines don’t deposit much color, so keep this in mind if you don’t want clear glosses.

Wear time is average for a gloss, or perhaps even shorter. It remains shiny for less than 2 hours, and it definitely won’t last through a meal. I really don’t mind this because the scent is the strongest during application. :P I like to put only a small amount to keep my lips moisturized, and its generous 14g/0.5 oz. tube, more than double most glosses, will last a while.

Philosophy Lip Shine Fresh Peaches with Cream Ingredients

It keeps your lips hydrated, smooth, and plump long after the gloss has worn off. It actually improves dry lips instead of masking dryness with a layer on top. I like!

Philosophy Lip Shine in Fresh Peaches with Cream is unfortunately limited edition. (Wahhh!) At only USD $10 a pop, it’s easy to pick up and use daily, and also to try new flavors!

So tell me, what’s that fruit/animal/color/design/etc. that has you in collector mode? :)

P.S. Am I the only who can never finish lip products (or other products, for that matter?) I either lose them, get tired of them, drop them, or find some kind of excuse to stop using them and get new ones instead. I’m going to make it a point to finish Fresh Peaches with Cream.

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  1. Ahhh a non nail product! :D I love the scent of peaches too but if its too strong it can be a bit cloying :P I’m not very good with glosses, preferring lipstick … and I love your pics! *feels inadequate* LOL

    • Paris! :D Yup, this is a rarity, isn’t it? I don’t like very strong or sweet peach scents, either and especially if they’re smell very artificial. You’ve got a lipstick collection that puts mine to shame! Thanks for coming by and leaving me a comment! :)

  2. My trigger word is yuzu! Anything that contains the citrus fruit… I WILL BUY IT. Bad Vivian! Recently I spotted a drink that had dregs of leftover sake sediments, apple and yuzu.

  3. You should look into Kiss My Face lip balms in the peach scent, too. I looove them and they smell so good!

  4. Awww!! *belated melt* Yummy peaches!! :)

  5. you make this sound soooo good. i typically like peach flavors so i may need to try this!

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