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Dior Les Rouges Or Collection Vernis (Holiday 2011)

Dior Holiday 2011 Les Rouges Or Collection Bottles

Dior holiday 2011 Les Rouges Or collection (from left to right. Click for individual swatches):

I love gold. When Dior infused their holiday collection with gold, I couldn’t resist picking up all four Vernis. You know what I’ll be wearing for the next few manicures. :)

Did you grab anything from the collection? Which one is your favorite?

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  1. I have 2 of them I think but I daren’t swatch them now that you will :P Could you perhaps show us a good way to paint ones’ nails? I’m super bad at it.

    • Hi Paris! I know you have Apparat! :D How do you like it? Which other one did you pick up? Painting just took practice for me. I used to be pretty horrible at it, especially with my non-dominant hand, but now I can sometimes paint with it better than with my right lol. I try not to worry about mistakes since I just wash them off in the bath :P.

      I’ll consider a tutorial of some sort in the future, though I’ve never done anything of the sort! Thanks for the idea. :)

  2. I picked up Or Divin. From the color dots that and Exquis were my favorites, but when I saw Exquis in person it reminded me of China Glaze Ingrid, which I own, so I passed on it. I’ve been thinking about picking up another one but I haven’t decided if I will yet. I’m going high-end polish shopping this week though, so we’ll see what happens when the temptation is right in front of me!

    • You’re lucky you already own a similar color. I don’t have anything like it, so I was most excited about Exquis and Or Divin. Let me know what you end up picking up during the week. I want to go shopping, too!

      • Exquis is beautiful, I would totally have gotten it had I not had Ingrid. In fact, while I was purchasing Or Divin I had Exquis in my hand and was admiring it and talking myself out of taking it, too!

        I actually got something already! Last week I impulse purchased Dior Silver Lake because Dior sent me an email offering free shipping on polish and it came a few hours ago. I wouldn’t usually buy an expensive polish with only bottle renderings/color dots to go on but it turns out to be AMAZING! It’s a gunmetal or silvery base, pretty close to the bottle renderings, but it also has scattered yet visible TEAL SHIMMER. It is very beautiful and I can’t think of anything like it.

        I’m still excited to go shopping though, it’s been about a month since I did my first high-end holiday polish run so I’m hoping the smaller brands like Lippmann and Le Metier de Beaute will have their holiday sets out now.

        • I didn’t know Silver Lake has teal shimmer! I’m so excited to receive it and am envious you’ve already gotten yours. :) It seems to have been launched out of nowhere, but I like these mini-releases!

          What’s on your radar from Lippmann and Le Metier de Beaute? I’d love to try their polishes sometime.

          • I’ve never tried Le Metier de Beaute but they have two holiday sets out that look very interesting, and their Rock n Romance set for Nordstrom has also been tempting me. I’ve heard good thing about their polishes, the only real hesitation I have is that when you see them in person their bottles are SO SMALL (.14 oz/4 mL). On the one hand like most of us I have more polish than I could use up probably ever, but on the other hand if I like the color that’s only a few manicures and I have a horror of running out of a color I like. For Lippmann there is a set of mini polishes called “Dance Music” exclusive to Nordstrom and another set of more metallic-y polishes exclusive to Neimans. However the mall I go to is an outdoor mall and the weather here is terrible so I’m waiting a couple of days to go when at least the sun–which I haven’t seen in days!–is supposed to come out.

            • The Le Metier de Beaute holiday collections look so pretty! The colors are my style, too, but I agree, they’re so tiny and I haven’t tried them because of that as well. I know I’ll never run out of them, but I like bigger/full-size bottles for some odd, irrational reason!

              I really must try DL soon. Hope the sun showed up there and you’re able to go on a spree! :)

  3. awwww you have all of them:3 sooo jealous :p
    I like Apparat too!!>

  4. Apparat is beautiful! Oops! Here’s the bunny! :)

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