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Dior Vernis Exquis 611 (Holiday 2011 Les Rouges Or Collection)

Dior Exquis 611 Vernis Nail Polish Bottle

This. Is. It. I’ve found my perfect mushroom shade. I love taupe nail polishes (as well as eyeshadows), but have to be very selective as many of them lean too silver or cool, clashing with my warm-toned skin. But with Exquis? Not a problem. Part of the gold-themed Les Rouges Or collection, it contains gold and multicolored micro-shimmer that give the color warmth and a glow for a mushroom-gone-psychedelic finish that a variety of skin tones can enjoy.

Dior Exquis 611 Vernis Nail Polish Swatch
Dior Exquis 611 Vernis swatch in indirect sunlight

Exquis is a dusty greyed taupe with mainly golden shimmer. It’s khaki, brown, bronze, and taupe all at once with a lot of depth, not only due to the gold shimmer, but also because of its very smokey, diffused overlay. I can detect a hint of purple-grey around the edges of the nails. It’s a complex color you wouldn’t find in a box of crayons and has me turning and admiring my nails in different angles and lights.

Dior Exquis 611 Vernis Nail Polish Outdoor Swatch
Dior Exquis 611 Vernis swatch outdoors

The formula is typical Dior; creamy, quick-drying, and opaque in 2 coats. The swirly golden shimmer that appear clumpy in the bottle somehow apply evenly spaced and without streaks. It yields a golden sheen, not a metallic and frosty finish.

Dior Exquis 611 Vernis Nail Polish Direct Light Swatch
Dior Exquis 611 swatch under direct light

As expected, it truly shines under direct lighting. The warmth from the sun, plus the gold mixing with taupe brings out its bronze and brown tones. It remains smokey with a ”bright center, dark edges” look that I find irresistible. This lit-from-within finish is one of my favorite finishes.

I can’t help but say, Exquis is très exquis! Reader Julia mentioned it is very similar to China Glaze Ingrid (which I don’t own), a great alternative. If you don’t have either, I suggest running to your nearest Dior counter and picking this up! I declare Exquis a definite must-have for mushroom and taupe lovers.

Exquis (USD $22) is limited edition and available on Dior.com and at Dior boutiques and counters worldwide.

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  1. love your blog!!!!! and I love your beautiful nails. pls do more blog post about nail tutorial. I would love to learn how to do my nails just like u did

    • Hi Thanh, I’ve never done a tutorial, but I’ll consider one in the future! It only takes some practice to have a stable hand and figure out what kind of formula and brush you like. Dior is my current favorite for their stubby, short brush and non-watery formula.

      Thanks for reading and leaving me a comment! :D

  2. I have this but I need serious practice to get it looking as good as you got yours. I shall start… tonight! *resolute*

  3. The Exquis looks great on you Hon!

  4. Sooooo pretty on you:3 so elegant!!>w<

  5. My favorite “mushroom” shade is MAC’s Coco Clay. I’m not a huge fan of “frost” polishes. There are some I like, but it’s always on an individual basis. But I love micro-glitter and cremes are my absolute favorite, although they can be very unforgiving, manicure wise.

What say you?