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Julep Maven Box #4: Polish Lover Option November 2011 (It-Girl Shelf Pull)

Julep Maven Diane Trina Michelle November 2011 Box Polish Lover Option
Julep Nail Vernis L to R: Diane, Trina, and Michelle

Situations that make me love and want to support small businesses: prompt problem-solving and response to customers’ needs.

And Julep did exactly that. Many Mavens were disappointed to be receiving only one lacquer (plus a lipgloss and a makeup bag) for the November Maven Box. Julep immediately came out with the Polish Lover Option that nixed what were “fluff” to the nail aficionados and replaced them with two more polishes for a polishes-only box, on top of having the choice of receiving any other Style box.

Julep Maven Box November 2011 Shelf Pull Options
Shelf Pull options. Click image to enlarge.

I wouldn’t have minded trying a new lipgloss included in my original It Girl box. But when the chose was given, of course I chose to try three new colors on my nails instead! :D

Included in the November Polish Lover Option box:

  • Diane, a rich forest green ($14)
  • Trina, a shimmery deep aubergine ($14)
  • Michelle, a midnight blue ($14)

Which totals to $42 worth of products for, as you already know, USD $19.99. I actually wasn’t too excited about these colors from the Maven email image, but seeing them in person, I love how dark and vampy they are — right up my alley!

Julep Maven November 2011 Box Polish Lover Quality Control Bottle Misprint
Julep Nail Vernis L to R: Diane, Trina, and Michelle

I do have one complaint, however. In the above photo, I placed the bottles the same way with the “peek-a-boo windows” facing toward us. Do you see what’s wrong? Yup, Diane (green) bottle is misprinted! The Julep logo is actually on the side facing away from us. It looks odd considering has a black “background” thanks to that “window” instead of a transparent one as it should. I know I’m being very picky, but it bothers me to the point I’d probably ask for an exchange had I purchased it individually.

Julep Maven November 2011 Box Polish Lover Packaging

Slight misstep in quality control aside, I forgive them as their neatly hand-wrapped packages never fail to put a smile on my face each month. The polishes wrapped in purple and placed in a compact Julep box feel like I’m receiving a gift, never mind that I purchased the said gift myself. :P

I’ll post photos and my thoughts as I wear them! Which Style box did you choose this month? What did you think?

If you’d like to join the Maven program, you can get your first box for $5 (normally $20) by taking the Style Quiz here and entering code FIRST5 at checkout. (Disclosure: this is a referral link that provides me $15 Julep credit when you join Julep Maven. You’ll receive your own referral link once you join.)


20 Responses to Julep Maven Box #4: Polish Lover Option November 2011 (It-Girl Shelf Pull)

  1. Nice pull! I like the colors. Specially the dark green and the blue!
    And jep, the missprint would bother me, too!

    Do they ship the Julep boxes to your country? Oris someone from the US forwarding them to you?

    • Hi Keeper! I haven’t worn them yet, but I’m liking the colors too! Julep Maven is only for US & Canada right now, but I’ll let you know if/when they start offering international shipping.

  2. Yes I was not happy with the lipgloss with plumping effect. They just bug me… But then again I should pay attention and opt out when I received the email. I’m intrigued about Trina! Can’t wait to see your next review.

    • I don’t like plumping glosses with cayenne pepper in them, either! You know you can also request a shelf-pull to see all the other options, right? :) Are you getting the December box?

      • I missed the deadline for shelf-pull for Nov. :( I’m taking a break, so my nails can recover. Since I haven’t had a chance to use the new ones, I skipped Dec box.

        • Oh no, what happened to your nails? Ok, just checking to make sure you can choose to receive other Styles if you don’t like your own. Good thing we can just skip altogether, too.

          • I don’t always use the base coat. *gasp* So my nails are not happy. Just need to grow some out and be more diligent with the base coat. Luckily I have one from Julep!

  3. Trina & Michelle are sooo pretty :) ohh that misprinted problem would make me :( too!
    Cant wait to see them on you :3

  4. What a beautiful selection–I love jewel tones, and Trina looks especially pretty. I’ve never tried any of these monthly beauty box programs, though–I’m too much of a choose-my-own-adventure type to commit!

    • I am as well, so I signed up as a way of being less of a control freak. :P I like that it forces me to go out of my comfort zone. Definitely wouldn’t have picked out the dark green myself. Good thing is that you have the option to skip the month entirely if you don’t like any of them.

  5. Ooh, what pretty jewel tones! I have to agree with you on the printing issue, though; that would drive me up the wall :P

  6. I don’t understand why Julep’s photos are less accurate than yours are! While Michelle is a bit darker than shown here, at least you have the correct shade! They’re showing it on their “flyer” as a royal blue, which it is NOT; it’s more navy and has a “muted” effect to it. It’s a nice color, regardless. I’m liking Trina, too! :)

    • You got Polish Lover as well? :) I wonder how Michelle compares to other blues I own. I love how knowledgeable you are about colors! I admit I probably can’t distinguish between a navy and a royal blue. I’ve even considered getting the Pantone books of colors so I can look up colors, but good thing there are online tools for that. :D

      • Oh, thanks—I don’t even realize I’m doing it! I studied all this in school. PMS is like my bible! Their colors don’t have names, though. Just numbers. Here’s a PDF chart: http://www.interplas.com/product_images/Tools/PMS%20color%20chart.pdf They even make a scanner that takes a sample of the color and then tells you what color is close. I am an Art Director … we do mostly print and web, but we also do plastics. I wish I could get into the fashion portion of Pantone instead! :) I got Michelle when they sent me the “Classic with a Twist” box. I couldn’t figure out how to NOT get that box, lol. I kept trying different combinations, but it didn’t work. I wanted Boho or Bombshell, so I wrote them and told them to CHANGE ME!!! I chose Bombshell because I like dark, rich colors. So they did.

        • Thanks for the chart! How cool that you’re an Art Director. I knew you had to be involved in art in some way. :) Haha glad Julep changed your Style profile for you. It seems we can now choose any Style with the Shelf Pull each month, so I hope they keep offering that option!

  7. I was really excited to try out their polish after reading some of your reviews, but I’ve had horrible customer service. It took me three calls to get my intro box sent, and that was only after after insisting on speaking to a manager. I don’t know that I’ll be trying them again any time soon.

    • Oh no Monica, I’m sorry you received such bad customer service. I wonder what happened! They’ve been replying to my emails very promptly and are always very responsive. I know they’re also attentive on their Facebook page as well. I hope they gave you an apology.

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