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Julep Nail Vernis Malin

Julep Malin Nail Vernis Polish Bottle

It’s pink, cool-toned, sheer, and pearly. Those are the qualities I tend to avoid in a nail polish, all lumped into this one svelte bottle.

So I thought to myself how I must be a real masochist for wearing Malin before Gayle, the other polish I received in the October Julep Maven box, the one I really, really wanted. It was something about “saving the best for last” and “no pain, no gain.” Or something.

But to my surprise, what I thought would be a walk down the nail polish death row turned out to be…not so bad!

Julep Malin Nail Vernis Polish Swatch
Julep Malin Nail Vernis swatch in indirect sunlight

Malin has a silvery pearl finish that makes the look cool-toned overall. But upon closer inspection, it possesses a slightly warm-toned base color that’s a pale orange-pink. This flicker of warmth eases the clashing between my obviously warm-toned skin and this delicate pink, though I still firmly believe this would look best on cool-toned hands.

Julep Malin Nail Vernis Polish Swatch Outdoor
Julep Malin Nail Vernis swatch outdoors

The bottle color indicated the polish will be sheer, so I was ready to battle it to opacity. I’d planned on applying 3 coats, but ended up with 1 regular coat and a thick 2nd coat. Very slight visible nail lines remain, but they’re unnoticeable at an arm’s length and opaque enough to make me satisfied.

Despite the thick coat, it was extremely smooth and easy to apply, dried quickly, and did not cause bubbling. I’m so impressed with the formula that I’m willing to overlook the unavoidable streaky (albeit barely) finish. :P

Julep Malin Nail Vernis Polish Swatch Outdoor Closeup
Julep Malin Nail Vernis closeup swatch outdoors

The color and finish of Malin reminds me of a ballerina’s pointe shoes. The color is not in my taste, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad polish — far from it, actually! It gets props for being appropriate in professional settings and with its excellent formula, I especially recommend it to those who are cool-toned and love delicate, pearly pinks for a sophisticated look.

Availability: $14 on Julep.com. I received my bottle as part of the Julep Maven Membership Program. Read my Julep Maven review here or join here. (Disclosure: these are referral links that provide me $15 Julep credit when you join Julep Maven.)

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17 Responses to Julep Nail Vernis Malin

  1. Oh whee! I like how this looks. Its very bridal :D Which brings to mind your jaunt at Tiff & co ;)

  2. I have these two as well. I really like Malin! It does remind me of a ballerina haha I haven’t worn it as a full mani yet but I’m excited to. It’s so girly! Gayle is gorgeous.

    • Hi sophie! Malin was a pleasant surprise and reminded me to keep an open mind when it comes to polish colors. Let me know how you like it as a full mani!

  3. nails in the image are false?

  4. I think this is pretty on you!!~~

  5. LOL, and of course, they don’t sell it individually!

  6. But they’re out of this one :( I got Gayle and the Classic with a Twist.

    BTW, I signed up and wrote in the “Notes” section that you referred me, in case the link doesn’t work.

  7. Thanks, Peach you’re a dear (and a peach! :)
    (we addicts have to stick together! ;)

  8. I think my aunt would really like this color. She’s really into delicate pinks =]

  9. I am in love with this color based on your photos. It is my favorite nail polish color that I’ve seen, and I cannot find it on Julep’s website! Has it been discontinued? If so, why?????

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