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Best Nail Polishes of 2011 à la Peach

It all began with this very first photo in the very first post

Or should I say, the best of CHANEL, Dior, and Julep in the second half of 2011?

I posted my very first post on à la peach at the end of June this year and it’s been a wonderful half a year of blogging, sharing my obsessions, reading each of your comments, and meeting wonderful readers and fellow beauty bloggers from all over the world.

It took me a while to start blogging and finally feel “okay” to indulge in and talk about such “frivolous” things as nails and beauty after the earthquake and tsunami of March 11, 2011 in Japan. But I’m so glad I did and I’m thankful for your taking the time to read my posts!

So let’s jump right in! In the past 6 months, I focused on CHANEL, Dior, and Julep polishes and here are my picks for the best of 2011.


Coco Blue (Les Jeans de CHANEL) - perfect light sky blue with beautiful subtle shimmer

Graphite 529 (Illusions d’Ombres de CHANEL) – complex blend of cool & warm, silver & gold

Morning Rose 557 (Les Fleurs d’Ete de CHANEL) – feminine peachy pink with gold shimmer


Exquis 611 (Les Rouges Or) – must-have mushroomy shade with golden shimmer

Saint-Tropez 401 - beachside vacation blue worthy of its ultra-limited edition status

Trafalgar 747 (Les Rouges) – lively, look-at-me poppy red


Michelle - sophisticated, smart blazer navy blue

Gayle – eggplant purple that completely transforms in sunlight

Natasha – loud, spicy red-orange jelly

Favorite Discovery of 2011

Dior Paradise 558

Why? Because it glows under black light! How cool is that? I’ve never seen another neon salmon-pink jelly like it!

Dior Paradise glowing under black light

What are your favorite nail polishes of 2011?

Thank you so much for always reading my ramblings and for sharing your thoughts with me in the comments! :D I hope you had a wonderful 2011!

24 Responses to Best Nail Polishes of 2011 à la Peach

  1. My blogged about my favorite nailpolishes 2011.

    Chanel Graphite
    Butter Chancer (gittery red)
    Essie Strawberry Sorbet
    and my absolutely favorite is Dior Aloha, the other glowing nailpolish from dior.

    Happy new year!


    • Hi, Sandra! Those are great picks! I really liked Aloha, too, and it was so hard to choose just a few Dior polishes to put on the list! Happy New Year!

  2. Happy New Year, peach_!
    May 2012 bring you what you wish for =)

  3. Wow, Paradise is gorgeous. And the Saint-Tropez! Dior polishes made my favorites list this year, too ;) I just tried a Julep yesterday though and I’m quite in love!

  4. Your blog has such a fresh and brilliant vibe. Look forward to many more exquisite nail colours and reviews!

    Happy new year!

  5. Too, too many favorites! My collection has increased 7-fold (yes, really!) this year, but of course there are some standouts. As a confirmed gold fan and duo chrome fan, Chanel Peridot certainly stands out. Not released this year, but I found my ultimate greige this fall in Deborah Lippmann’s Waking Up in Vegas. China Glaze knocked my socks off with Skyscraper, Trendsetter, Tinsel Town, and the Eye Candy glitters. I discovered a new love in “rubber” finish polishes with the Illamasqua Theatre of the Nameless collection, especially Faux Pas. And I became a Dior fan this year, being blown away by the chic beauty of Dior Ebony and the surprising teal shimmer of Dior Silver Lake.

    Happy New Year and new polish to all!

    • Happy New Year, Julia! I’m not sure why I haven’t worn Silver Lake yet. It looks so gorgeous. I’d love to explore new/different brands this year like you’ve been doing! :D

  6. Lovely blog!

    I love dark colors: My favorites are Black Pearl and Graphite from Chanel and a deep blue released by Dior earlier of the year around spring time.


    • Thank you, Daisy! I didn’t include Black Pearl since it was released before I started this blog, but it’s definitely one of my favorites, too. Are you talking about Dior Blue Label?

  7. How do you afford this nail polish collection…?
    I mean, its great that you did a best of featuring brands most people find ridiculously expensive and dupe-able, but….how do you do it :O Buying all these chanel, dior, julep polishes….they cost an unreasonable fortune.

    • I think cheap nail polish is a false economy. Yes you pay more for a bottle of Dior, but you use far less as quality polish needs less coats and will last a week rather than a couple of days. So a bottle will last a lot longer. And that’s not even mentioning the time and hassle you save when using a quality product.

      Maybe peach sacrifices other things you might purchase in favour of spending her money on quality nail polish, or buys one bottle of expensive for your three bottles of cheap. I don’t think it’s up to you to decide whether what she is spending is ‘unreasonable’ or not.

  8. One of the best things about 2011 is discovering your blog, Peach! I have you to thank for finally looking back at nail polishes and giving them another go! So here’s to more peachy goodness and more nail polish swatches :D

  9. Fab Hun!
    My favs on you are the Chanel Coco Blue and the Dior Trafalgar so far. So yay for a great taste together!
    I think my favorite polish of 2011 is the Dior Paradise with a white base underneath! I just love that color.
    But don’t we love most polishes *lol*

  10. Great roundup :) my favorite nail polish brands of 2011 were Zoya and China Glaze and hope to try other brands in 2012.

  11. cnt pinpoint my exact fav polish, but a recent fav has got to be the zoya matt! but i now have my most-wanted-to-try brand, which is the Julep

  12. I am SO angry I missed out on St Tropez. Was disappointed by Dior Silver Lake :(

  13. For me, 2010 was a much better year for polish across the board, but here are some of my 2011 faves:

    Chanel: Black Pearl
    Dior: Apparat
    Essie: Smooth Sailing
    NARS: Chinatown
    Mac: Rain of Flowers
    Butter: Blagger
    Illamasqua: Gamma
    Lippman: Good Girl Gone Bad

  14. Great picks!

  15. I was just wondering, do you have problems with major chipping of Julep polishes is it just me? Honestly I have to retouch like everyday when I wear Julep polishes.

What say you?