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@cosme Best Cosmetic Award of 2011

@COSME The Best Cosmetic Award of 2011 Banner

In case you’re not familiar, @cosme (pronounced “at cosmé,” short for cosmetics) is a large Japanese online beauty community with user-based product reviews and forums, much like MakeupAlley.com. It also has unique features, like a weekly-updated list of product rankings based on those reviews, which make it very easy to see which products are the most popular in a category at any given time.

It’s such a widely-recognized and trusted site that you’ll often see stickers on products sold in stores that indicate “#1 on @cosme.” Brands, from drugstore to department store, wouldn’t hesitate to boast their high rankings off the site.

Today, @cosme announced the annual Best Cosmetic Award, and for the first time, not only in Japanese, but also in English and Chinese! I like that they’re thinking globally! (Finally.)

Let’s take a look at which products won!

@cosme Best Cosmetic of 2011 Dior Lip Maximizer

Grand Prix Best Overall: Dior Lip Maximizer (3,675 yen, ~USD $47 in Japan, $30 in the US)

It’s hard to believe Dior Lip Maximizer won best cosmetics out of all cosmetics! Given, I do currently use one (and have 2 backup tubes), but I don’t think it’s the greatest of all beauty products. But hey, if users say it is, it is! It’s one product that seems to continue to be very popular here in Japan, but not-at-all hyped and often overlooked overseas.

@cosme Best Cosmetics of 2011 2nd Daiso Sponge Cleaner

2nd Place Overall: DAISO Sponge Cleaner (105 yen, ~USD $1.30)

I absolutely love the Daiso Sponge Cleaner and can’t live without it. I’m sure many of you feel the same! It’s for makeup sponges and puffs, but I use it for brushes. If you have any that still leave traces of makeup after washing, or thought bristles became permanently “dyed” from makeup, this will get it all off.

@cosme Best Cosmetic of 2011 3rd Shiseido Foundation Brush

3rd Place Overall: SHISEIDO Foundation Brush 131 (1,890 yen, ~USD $24)

I know the Shiseido Foundation Brush receives a lot of raves, even overseas, but I haven’t purchased it since I feel like I own a gazillion foundation brushes. But seeing it listed as #3 overall, I think I’ll have to pick it up soon.

Images are screen shots taken from @cosme. And umm…the English translations on @cosme are slightly better than Google Translate at best. Being bilingual, I’m overly upset about this. Maybe I can translate for them next year. :P

What do you think of the list? Do you use/love any of the products that won?

Check out the rest of the awards in English here or in Chinese here. Unfortunately, only the very broad categories are covered in English and Chinese, but the Japanese version ranked smaller categories, such as best cleansers, nail color, mascara, body lotion, etc. I find those much more exciting, so check those out using Google Translate!

14 Responses to @cosme Best Cosmetic Award of 2011

  1. I have tried the Dior Addict, but not the Maximizer. I love the way the lipstick feels, but I’m not fond of the colors that I tried. I love Shiseido products; I’ve been using them for years. They have lovely skin care and eye shadow :)

  2. I really want to try that Shiseido brush. Read so many things about it! Shiseido has one new one which is a dupe of the cheaper 131 I heard. Very strange but there you go.

    As for the Daiso brush cleaner, I tried to love it but I found it dried up my natural hair brushes if I use it too regularly. So I use it off and on to clean off the most dirty brushes but for regular cleaning I stick to my baby shampoo. It is amazing for sponges though :D And I have nothing to say about the Dior Lip Maximizer. How on earth is it the Grand Prix of all cosmetics?! o_O

    • I think what happened is, Shiseido saw the drugstore 131 sell so well that they decided to make a similar one for the international market. But since most countries don’t carry the drugstore Shiseido brand, they had to change the “packaging” of the brush at bit to differentiate it for department store LOL. The price difference isn’t much between the 2, so I’d get whichever is more accessible. Not sure if I’ll use it though…

      I should have been more clear about the DAISO cleanser. I use it for super dense synthetic brushes, like the Sigma face brushes. They’re immune to baby shampoo!

      And I’m with you. Dior Lip Maximizer gets glowing reviews and it might not be a stretch to say every beauty-loving Japanese girl has one! I like it, but it’s not ALL THAT…I mean, it’s a clear gloss…

  3. I usually don’t use any make up…
    But I love to buy those nice things *lol*
    lately I started to use some Lip Glos, can you remember the DiorKiss Lipgloss Line? I think I still got about 5 different ones left. And those are so great but the discontinued them, that is a real shame.
    And I’m thinking about starting to use some other make up stuff out of my stash… Thanks to your post and the NARS one I even used some Mascara and eyeshadow today *hihi*

    • Envious! You must be a natural beauty. :) I liked the DiorKiss glosses too. That’s cool you still have them! Have you tried the newer ones? I still really love Dior lip products because they’re never sticky.

      I often go sans eyeshadow, but I can’t live without mascara because of my puny lashes!

  4. you are a doll,awww, thanks, but I just got great skin (that is what my beautician tells me all the time at our half yearly appointment for the facial clean). But in wintertime my skin is pretty dry.

    I got the new Dior Addict Lipstick in some nude tone. I bought that a few month ago when I was in a Lipstick mood *lol*

    But guess what? I would love to have “smokey eyes” for just once but I don’t know how I should do that… but maybe in a few week I’ll ask my SA to help me with that (she always tells me, that she would love to do my makeup but everytime I turn her down with the same “ahhh, hon you know I don’t use makeup” answer…)
    we will see…

  5. I’m going to look for that Daiso Sponge Cleaner the next time I hit Daiso. I hope they sell it here in the US stores.

    • I find it so cool that you have a Daiso there. Hope you can find it! I just dilute a small amount into a cup with water, and swirl/dab the brushes that are hard to clean in there for several seconds, then done! :D

  6. the daiso cleaner is amazing for sponges that had been soaked with foundation or powder! i am using it for the deep cleansing for the tools :D

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