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KOSÉ VISÉE Mineral Foundation & Mineral BB Cream Baby Finish

Kose Visee Mineral Foundation BB Cream Baby Finish Bottle

My general attitude toward giveaways, sweepstakes, and lucky draws? “Ha! Like I’ll ever win!”

Unlike my mum who seem to always win drawings at parties, department stores, and on random magazine sweepstakes, so often that it’s almost odd when she doesn’t win anything, I never, ever get lucky no matter how many times I enter. In fact, if we participate in the same giveaway, it’s her that wins, and I’ve come to know throughout my life that this is only natural. Since it’s clear that she has some sort of luck when it comes to these things, I keep urging her to buy lottery tickets. But she has never done so and I don’t think she ever will.

In any case, each month I nonchalantly enter sweepstakes on @cosme, a Japanese beauty site, since the ones they hold only require you to click “enter” and nothing more. I do this so absent-mindedly that I could hardly remember what I entered to win.

And I didn’t remember entering one for the KOSÉ VISÉE Mineral Foundation and Mineral BB Cream, but it’s a small miracle that I won and they deserve a post! :D

Kose Visee Mineral Foundation Case

In case you’re not familiar with Japanese cosmetics, VISÉE is a Japanese drugstore brand of a large cosmetics group, KOSÉ. I think there are some real gems in drugstore products (especially Japanese ones), but I actually can’t remember the last time I purchased drugstore foundations. I really like to take them on a test-run to find the right formula and shade for my skin, and that’s not often possible outside of department store counters.

The Mineral Foundation SPF 20 PA++ comes in a pearly white case with floral paisley designs. The case is sold separately from the foundation refill, which is nice because I read in a review that the refill fits several other compacts. Yes, the compact does feel plastic-y and somewhat cheap, but I’m the kind of person who thinks even plastic Chanel foundation compacts look and feel cheap, so take that how you will.

Kose Visee Mineral Foundation Cover

You know how compacts come with a protective cover? Well, they’re usually completely removable, but the VISÉE compact has it attached so you can keep the mirror clean. Not a bad idea, and it looks like you can easily cut it off it you’d like.

Kose Visee Mineral Foundation Puff Sponge

One of the selling points of the foundation is this puff-sponge hybrid that comes with a refill. I really like the white puff side since it picks up product without absorbing it and glides smoothly across the skin. The sponge, on the other hand, doesn’t feel like a sponge at all, but rather like soft plastic. It doesn’t pick up much product and doesn’t dispense it well, either.

The foundation in Ochre OC-410 is surprisingly the right shade for me, but it is very matte, powdery, and does not last. It emphasizes dry patches I didn’t even know I had and looks heavy without providing much coverage. I’ve even tried applying it over different bases and with brushes, but it’s a no go. What to do with such a dud?

Kose Visee Mineral BB Cream Baby Finish Bottle

The BB Cream SPF 25 PA++, on the other hand, is much better. It’s advertised as a primer or for sheer coverage. It’s quite tiny at 25g, which can’t even be 1 oz. It has the same pearly packaging as the foundation case. I do like the simple packaging!

Kose Visee Mineral BB Cream Spout

It would be better with a pump, but it has the tiniest pinpoint opening, which I like.

Kose Visee Mineral BB Cream Baby Finish Swatch

The consistency is of a light cream. As soon as I applied it on my hand, I knew the color is too light…and it is, by about 10 shades! It has a slight pink-grey tone I find in BB creams. I’ve avoided most BB creams because of the grey cast and lack of color selection. This particular one only comes in one shade. ONE!

Kose Visee Mineral BB Cream Baby Finish Blending

With a bit of blending, you can tell it’s quite a thick paste and definitely the wrong color. It even looks somewhat streaky and emphasizing pores and fine lines.

Kose Visee Mineral BB Cream Baby Finish Blended

But here it is blended. It basically disappears into my skin, making it perhaps a shade lighter. It covers very minor blotchiness and creates a nice base for foundation. I actually found it works well underneath or mixed with my too-dark-for-winter foundations, so I’ll be getting use out of this one. :D

The foundation compact retails for 600 yen (USD <$8), the refill & puff/sponge for 1,800 yen ($23), and the BB Cream for 1,400 yen ($18). These are fairly standard, if not on the lower side of Japanese drugstore cosmetics prices.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do with the disappointing powder foundation, but I’m glad I found use for the BB cream as primer and mixing medium for summer foundations that are currently too dark.

Have you tried any VISÉE cosmetics? 

10 Responses to KOSÉ VISÉE Mineral Foundation & Mineral BB Cream Baby Finish

  1. I haven’t heard of this brand before – good to know you have managed to find a way to make the BB cream work for you. I often have the same problem with BB creams with their lack of shades.

    • Hi Victoria! Thank you for leaving me a comment. :D I was determined not to let it go to waste since I rarely win anything. I had totally given up on BB creams years ago when they first became popular, so I’m glad this one is workable.

  2. I used to have some Visee eyeshadows but they didn’t wow me. Nothing from Visee (or some to think of it, Kose) does. With that powder foundation, the only thing I can think of is to use a fluffy brush like a stippling brush to apply just a sheer layer on the skin? Does that work?

    • I agree, Paris. The eyeshadows look so pretty but don’t apply well. From the looks of pricing and packaging/ads, the brand is probably targeted for the younger crowd and I’m just too old for them. :P I can only apply a sheer layer of the powder or else it forms clumps, and they also wear off in patches. Maybe I can reserve it for quick errands.

  3. Hi Peach! I so love the white-ness of the Visee packaging! It looks clean and dainty.. hehe

    Sorry to hear the powder foundie didn’t work for you. But I must say the Mineral BB Cream Baby Finish does blend beautifully into your skin at the end. It’s a bit light but will be good for mixing with other cream or liquid foundies. Looking at it un-blended, it is way-y too light for me too.

    I read that Japanese bb creams were supposed to be more naturally colored than the Korean bb creams with their grey “tinge”. But that’s not the case here. *sigh*

    How about Dior’s plastic packaging for their eye shadow quints? It’s got a nice sturdy weight to it. Or you don’t like it too..? Cheers! :-)

    • Hi milktea! Thank you for reading and leaving me a comment! I absolutely adore white packaging, too. In fact, the Chanel foundation compact I’m using now is white. It just feels very lightweight and plastic-y, though, and I much prefer Dior’s sturdier packaging.

      You’re right, this BB cream is not as grey as some Korean BB creams I’ve tried in the past that made me look ill! This one is sheer and looks fine blended in but I won’t be using it on its own. Can’t they see we’re not all Snow White? :)

  4. The compact case does look so pretty! I use shu uemura’s compact, which used to be translucent white and now black. I don’t know how or when but the white case broke at the hinge. It was certainly not very sturdy! But it’s a good idea to change the case once a while.

    I did some research of BB cream myself, and found that they all contain chemical sunscreen. So I just stay with my city block as a base. I think they are mainly marketing hype. It’s a heavily tinted moisturizer to me.

    • Good to know BB creams contain chemical sunscreen in case one is sensitive to it. I’ve never been able to fully test them out since I’m not pale enough for the color selections, but this one blends in nicely. I wouldn’t purchase this on my own, but I have a weird attachment to it since I won it and I never win anything! lol I agree it’s marketing hype and would never use BB creams as skincare + base makeup in one.

      I think you always look flawless. :D I’m envious!

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