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Dior Vernis Silver Lake 071 (Allure Magazine 20th Anniversary Special Edition)

Dior Silver Lake 071 Vernis Bottle

I’ve had Dior Silver Lake in my possession for weeks, but just got around to wearing it for the first time. I’m unsure exactly why, but I might’ve waited for the right occasion to do so since the boyfriend had kindly gotten it for me when I thought I wouldn’t be able to get my hands on one.

This color was apparently created to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Allure Magazine. The backstory of how this came to be is unknown, but I decided the first manicure of 2012 was the perfect occasion for a little sparkle. :D

Dior Silver Lake 071 Vernis Swatch
Dior Vernis Silver Lake 071 swatch in indirect sunlight

Dior describes Silver Lake as a “metallic gunmetal shade.” From that simple description and promotion photo, I honestly thought it’d be a plain silver.

Then I remembered reader Julia mentioning there is teal shimmer, and I smiled to myself (like a good polish addict would) when I found it to be true! It’s densely packed with silver shimmer, giving the finish a textured look. The more sparse teal shimmer adds dimension and an overall bluish cast to the overall appearance, especially under bright light. And no, people will not be able to easily spot the colored shimmer, but I love the attention to detail and think it’s so beautiful.

Dior Silver Lake 071 Vernis Swatch Outdoors
Dior Vernis Silver Lake 071 swatch outdoors

There must be something about this “looks gritty, feels smooth”full shimmer finish because it applies so smoothly and easily. It seems to self-level and dry very quickly so that you won’t have problems with creating bumps and unevenness. It’s not saturated enough for just a single coat, so I applied 2 for full opacity.

Dior Silver Lake Chanel Graphite Bottle Comparison

Now, I know there are already many comparisons of Dior Silver Lake to Chanel Graphite, most notably the one on The Beauty Look Book, but I had to see for myself. Do bear with me. :)

Dior Silver Lake Chanel Graphite Swatch Comparison Indirect Sunlight
Index & ring finger: Chanel Graphite. Middle & pinky: Dior Silver Lake (Indoors)

I would say the two are somewhat similar in their bottles, but on their nails, they are light years apart. Silver Lake  applies much darker on the nails with a blue cast, while Graphite is lighter in comparison and almost looks gold here, thanks to its mixture of silver and gold shimmer.

Dior Silver Lake Chanel Graphite Swatch Comparison Outdoors
Index & ring finger: Chanel Graphite. Middle & pinky: Dior Silver Lake (Outdoors)

As you can see in the above photo, Graphite appears sparklier and reflects more light, while Silver Lake has a more muted look in comparison (though still sparkly.) To me, they have the same finishes, but are so different in color that it’s worth owning both. I’m happy I found another polish with the same non-gritty foil finish as Graphite, and would love to find more like them.

I know there are split opinions on Silver Lake. What’s your take?

Availability: USD $22 limited edition, sold exclusively at Dior.com and Dior Beauty boutiques. Contact Massiel at Dior Palazzo store: (702) 734 - 1102

29 Responses to Dior Vernis Silver Lake 071 (Allure Magazine 20th Anniversary Special Edition)

  1. Your nails look perfect! :)

  2. I love how Silver Lake looks! :O I am soooo bad at painting cream polishes I’m sticking to shimmer ones for now – somehow they go on more easily :)

    • Cremes aren’t very forgiving when it comes to any unevenness and bumpiness! I see you now have Seche Vite on hand, though, so that should camouflage them!

  3. oh my! THAT was so cute of your boyfriend to get it for you! He is a Keeper!
    Silver Lake looks stunning on you Peach! I just love it!
    In that last picture I can even see the hint of blue.
    Such a great color! I hope, one day I’ll get my nails ähmmmm hands on a bottle, too!

  4. Silver Lake looks so beautiful on you! I don’t think it’s available in Malaysia though, which is a real shame. Compared to Chanel, I think they both have their own merits and they do look quite different.

    • Thanks, lyn! Yeah, I wish this would’ve been more readily available, but I heard the new silver in the Anselm Reyle collection is uncannily similar to this. Will report back!

  5. Silver lake is really pretty, but it has nothing on Graphite <3 I am now considering getting myself a second just in case!

  6. Wow they are both stunning! I prefer the color on Dior, just because it is a cool and edgy look. I think it’s time for me to get a few sparkly goodies. :)

  7. I have Silver Lake – my fiance bought it for me! :D Boys are nice sometimes, aren’t they? I prefer this one to the Chanel – I like the darker finish!

  8. Yay, I’m happy I didn’t lead you astray with my early reports! I do think that the teal shimmer fades a bit when the polish dries, but it contributes to the overall color and I know to look for it, so it still satisfies me. It would have been so easy just to make a straightforward gunmetal, I really tip my hat to Dior for doing something unexpected.

    • Also, my 6 months of resolve crumbled today and I finally broke down and bought Graphite before it completely sells out (it already has sold out at some of the counters I go to). Of course, Chanel raised the price on us another $1, but as we all know Chanel regret can be expensive, so I think it was best.

    • You said it best! :D It’s like their hidden shimmer in cremes. I like knowing they’re there.

  9. Have you tried Chanel Steel?

    • Nope, what do you think of it? I remember passing on this hearing others didn’t like it much. Don’t make me regret it now! :P

      • It reminds me of the dark silver finish on an electric guitar! I like it. It’s VERY pretty in certain light … it’s striking at times, but at other times it’s just OK. When I put it on again, I’ll photograph it. Not as nice as your photos, though! :)

        • That’s a cool description. :) It looks dark and edgy. I heard many didn’t like it because it looked like a plain black in certain light, but I think I’d even like a black creme! Would love to see it on your nails next time you wear it. :D

  10. Everything looks SO GORGEOUS on you!

  11. Ughhh!!! I need Silver Lake now too!!!! Which do you like better? Which one is more sparkly?

    • In terms of uniqueness, Graphite gets my vote, and it also is sparklier than Silver Lake. But they’re so different in color and tone, so they’re not very comparable in my opinion! The only thing they really have in common is their foil-y finish.

  12. China Glaze Tinsel Town looks like a dupe for these two higher-end brands. Love your nail shape – everything looks good on them!

What say you?