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Julep Maven Box #5: It-Girl December 2011 & 1-Cent Sign Up Deal

Julep December 2011 It Girl Maven Box

December 2011? Really?

Yes, really! :D There was a mix-up with the mailing system (beyond Julep’s control) so I only got my hands on last month’s It Girl Julep Maven Box a week ago. I suppose it worked in my favor as its contents aren’t time-sensitive with holiday colors and prints, so no worries there!

It was the first month Julep made all the other box choices visible right on their site instead of having to manually request them via email. After going through the options, I stuck with my original It Girl box.

Julep Maven December 2011 It Girl Email

Included in the December 2011 It Girl box:

  • Helena Nail Vernis (swatched here), an ultra-saturated fuchsia (reg. $14)
  • Fast Dry Topcoat (reg. $14)
  • Rivets Nail Appliqué (reg. $14)
  • Pot of glitter, a surprise freebie!

That totals to $42 worth of products for USD $19.99, as usual. Not bad at all. :D

Julep December 2011 It Girl Maven Helena Top Coat

Julep December 2011 It Girl Maven Rivets Nail Applique

Julep December 2011 It Girl Maven Box Glitter

I’m pleased to find Helena is true to their description; it’s a vivid fuchsia that’s less pink than in their promotion photo. I’ve been wanting to try stick-on nail polish, so I can’t wait to try it!

Which style box did you choose for December? What did you think?

By the way, I know many of you are already “Mavens,” but for those in the US & Canada who aren’t already, there is a currently a deal to get your first box for a penny!

Take the Quiz here to determine your Style and enter code NEWYEAR2012 at checkout for the 1-cent deal. You can cancel at any time after your first box.

Disclosure: this is a referral link that provides me $15 Julep credit when you join Julep Maven. You’ll receive your own referral link once you join.

5 Responses to Julep Maven Box #5: It-Girl December 2011 & 1-Cent Sign Up Deal

  1. Helena looks so bright and pretty! I know I said previously that I’m a commitment-phobe but I signed up for Julep when they had an introductory penny deal last month and I was very pleased with my box–enough to stay on for January! I’m excited because my box should arrive Monday or Tuesday and I got the polish lover’s option AND a complimentary additional polish so I should have 4 polishes coming to me; a great deal for $20. I love getting polish in the mail; it’s like a gift from myself haha.

    • Hi Julia! Glad you were able to take advantage of the deal. Isn’t it cute how they arrive all wrapped up? :D

      I think we got the same polishes for January since It Girl seems to equal Polish Lover option now. I’m loving the new colors they’re coming out with and have a hard time picking which Style I want for the month! :P

  2. That Julep looks really bright like a berry pink one!
    Can’t wait to see your swatches!
    And I liked your Forget-Me-Not post. Don’t you got the Purple mix? I haven’t seen that for comparison in your post, but thought you had it in your stash!?
    Anyway, loved your post!

    • Thanks for checking out my Dior Forget-Me-Not post! :D Yup, I have Purple Mix as well. PM is warmed-toned and darker, and FMN is a cool-toned lighter purple. I didn’t do a comparison swatch since there are already a few blogs with them, but I can certainly compare for you if you’d like.

  3. that’s OK Hun. I just missed the Color in the post and wasn’t sure anymore :)

What say you?