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Julep Maven Box #6: It-Girl (Polish Lover) Resort Collection January 2012

Julep Maven January 2012 It Girl Polish Lover Box

This month has been the most exciting month yet to receive a Julep Maven Box! My eyes lit up as soon as I’d received the email notice revealing its content, and I was so stoked to see the nail polishes in person.

For this month, Julep came out with the Resort Collection to start off the year, and while tropical colors may seem out of place in the middle of January, I was more than eager add these spring-ready polishes to my arsenal. Besides, aren’t fashion and beauty always a season ahead?

Julep Maven January 2012 It Girl Polish Lover Email

Starting with this box, the It Girl style now became synonymous with Polish Lover, which means the It Girl box will include nothing but nail polishes for the following months, while other styles will include hand/body/nail care items and other non-polish goodies.

Included in the January 2012 It Girl (Polish Lover) Julep Maven Box:

  • Hayden Nail Vernis (swatched here), a bold and bright neon peach crème (reg. $14)
  • Megan Nail Vernis, a playful and sultry Mediterranean aquamarine (reg. $14)
  • Leah Nail Vernis, a vivid and refreshing grass green with a hint of shimmer (reg. $14)
  • Sample packet of Nail Polish Remover Pad (which I’ve already misplaced…)
  • Freebie Julep Nail Therapy, for using alone or as a base coat (reg. $16)
  • Black & silver confetti, as featured in photos :P
This totaled $58 worth of products for $19.99. I always feel like an infomercial saying this, but what a great deal. :D The Nail Therapy freebie was for being a Julep Maven, and everyone had a choice of 3 polishes to add on to their Box. I chose this one since it has been getting glowing reviews.

Julep Hayden Megan Leah Nail Vernis Bottles

Julep Nail Therapy Bottle Freebie

I was really pleased to find that the polishes now have new labels! (But not Hayden, yet.)

I always thought the old, often smudged labeling with bar code ruined the packaging. I wanted to remove them, but if I did, I had no other way to know the name of the color because those labels were the only ones indicating the names.

Now the new labels look much neater, and it’s a peel-off sticker that reveals the ingredients underneath.

Julep Nail Polish Bottle Label Old New Comparison
Old label on the left, new labels on the right

And the best part? You can remove the bar codes altogether since the bottom of the bottles indicate the names now. :D

Julep Bottle Old New Comparison Bottom Label
Old label on the left without color name, new labels on the right

I’m already wearing Hayden and will show you soon! Just looking at these colorful bottles makes me so giddy! :D

Any of them catch your interest? What did you think of your January 2012 box?

If you’re not yet a Julep Maven, there’s currently a deal to get your first box for a penny. (Regularly $19.99) Take the Quiz here to determine your Style and enter code NEWYEAR2012 at checkout for the 1-cent deal. (US & Canada only.)

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15 Responses to Julep Maven Box #6: It-Girl (Polish Lover) Resort Collection January 2012

  1. I love your Julep related posts – would love to try them if I only I can get my hands on them! Looking forward to pics of your swatches for these shades :)

    • Hi, I’m happy you enjoy them. :) I hope Julep offers international shipping in the near future since I know there’s worldwide demand. Thanks for leaving me a comment, Petrina!

  2. I will not lie; I am filled with jealousy and envy whenever I enter your Julep posts. AARRGGHH! I want!

  3. Loving your photos, peach! I tried Leah. She is wow! Not quite highlighter green with shimmer = <3

  4. Heya peach, you are enabling me… Julep is the stuff to try! Worldwide shipping will be great. And you gotta share how you take these wonderful photos!

  5. Love this Box! This time I really like all the colors. Congratz Peach. Ans can’t wait to see the Mani with Hayden (have to admit, I saw the Pic on Twitter already ;) ) as a close up!

    And how cool that they changed the lables. Now you only have to come up with something for the older bottles to match the newer ones…

  6. I got this box (after the fact) and they leave out the treatment. Polish only. It’s ok; 3 bottles for $19 ain’t bad. The blue is gorgeous. It’s kind of like that blue color in abalone. I was pleasantly surprised. I really like Julep polishes, despite the fact that I’ve had to use a thinner on almost every bottle I’ve purchased! :) But I will tell you … I HATE HATE HATE the wand! HATE! Not the brush part, that’s fine, in fact good (albeit a tad too long), but the LONG wand that is needed for that really nice bottle! :) The bottle looks great, but I really prefer a short wand. It keeps the polish from traveling down the wand and getting all over your hands and causing you to put too much polish on. No matter how much you swirl that wand it still drips!

    • Hi Pook! :D Good to hear you like the colors. Nail Therapy was a freebie for having been a Julep Maven up to that point, so it wasn’t part of the January box. I know what you mean about the wand! I wipe it against the bottle opening so polish doesn’t drip down and collect at the brush. And then I just re-dip the brush portion without putting the brush fully back into the bottle if I need more polish. It’s an extra step but I’ve gotten used to it. Did you get the Feb box as well?

  7. Hi, Peach!
    Yes, I got the Feb Bombshell box for free … Viola and Oscar. I actually declined it, but they had a glitch and they shipped anyway (to me and many others), so they gave me a credit (with which I bought the Valentine’s Day “surprise” box!) I really like Viola, very, very dark (and really THICK), and Oscar is really pretty. The photos don’t do it justice! :)

What say you?