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Julep Nail Vernis Hayden (2012 Resort Collection)

Julep Hayden Nail Vernis Polish Bottle

Out of the three polishes I received in my January 2012 It Girl Box, I was most excited for Julep Hayden and didn’t hesitate to wear it first.

But it’s not because I particularly like orange nail polish or it looked the prettiest; in fact, it’s because my first thought was, “there’s no way it’s going to look good on my nails!”

And as I expected, it doesn’t look pretty…nor pretty good. It’s actually the sort of “fugly” shade that grew on me as I wore it for the past few days. It might very well be because I stared at it for too long and my eyesight have gone awry, but I’m completely fascinated with this intense shade!

Julep Hayden Nail Vernis Polish Swatch
Julep Hayden Nail Vernis swatch in indirect sunlight

Formerly named Amanda, Hayden is a blindingly neon, pastel, milky peach-orange creme. Reader Julia referred to it as melon; it’s a not-straight-orange cantaloupe color, with again, strong emphasis on pastel and neon. I don’t think I was able to capture just how bold this is.

It does all the wrong things a nail polish color could, like:

  • Make my skin look dull/dirty/darker/tanner
  • Clash with everything
  • Apply in a chalky, patchy manner (thicker coat solves this)
  • Look flatter than other cremes, without much dimension/depth
  • Seem absolutely garish, especially on longer nails (like mine)

But it’s so wrong, it’s right!

If you thought Julep Helena was neon, Hayden is ten-times brighter and so blinding that, when I look at my hands, all I see are the nails and my skin is just a “blur” in the background. It seems to soak up all the surrounding light and look as if it can glow in the dark. (But it sadly doesn’t…I tried!)

Julep Hayden Nail Vernis Polish Swatch Outdoors
Julep Hayden Nail Vernis swatch outdoors

I’m absolutely smitten by this attention-getter, no, attention-thief shade! Your nails are all anyone will see if you wear this, without a doubt. My only gripe is that it applies horrifyingly patchy if you do not let your base coat completely dry. It doesn’t seem to work well with “stickier” base coats and apply best on thoroughly dry, smooth surfaces using thicker coats.

I certainly have nothing that comes close to this color. It’s a polish I find so “ugly” and daring that I absolutely love it. I think it’s meant to clash with my skin and with everything you wear. I imagine it’ll have even more pizazz on pale and cool-toned complexions (it’s a pastel color, after all) or those with very dark or tanned skin.

Would you wear this neon pastel peach? :)

Availability: $14 on Julep.com. I received my bottle as part of the Julep Maven Membership Program. Read my Julep Maven review hereRight now, US & Canadian residents can take the quiz and join here for 1-cent (regularly $19.99) by entering code NEWYEAR2012 at checkout. (Disclosure: these are referral links that provide me $15 Julep credit when you join.)

54 Responses to Julep Nail Vernis Hayden (2012 Resort Collection)

  1. Everything looks pretty on your nails! This actually doesn’t look as bright I thought it would, but definitely a color I cannot pull off. It’s a yummy color though!

  2. I lovvvveeeee Hayden. This is the magic of Julep Maven–I really doubt that I would pick out this color for myself but it turned out to be amazing. Actually it looks pretty good with my skin tone but my fair, cool-toned skin goes yellow or red before it goes tan! I did have a pretty hard time applying it though; my bottle is so thick and I wasn’t able to get as neat of a manicure as I like. Doesn’t matter, I’ll thin the bottle or deal with it because this is a new favorite!

    • I was waiting to hear what you thought about it! :D You’re lucky you have the skin tone to pull off pastels, and I can imagine this being a fun and lively color on your fair skin! Good thing you have a thinner on hand. I didn’t find mine to be thick, but it was very patchy if I tried to do “regular” coats. I think this is such a happy color!

      • I don’t have a thinner but I’ve been meaning to get one for ages! I don’t usually mind thicker formulas but this was thick enough to be a problem for me. I think it is the brightness of Hayden that agrees with my skin tone. Leila below me brings up Chanel June, which was the one I was most interested in from that collection, but when I go and look at it it seems too dusty for my skin tone–that’s the kind of color that I suspect would make my hands look kind of dirty. I haven’t tried to swatch it yet though so I’m not sure. I’m already looking forward to next month’s box where we all get our Oscar :).

        • Julia, I’m looking forward to next month’s Julep too! The theme is really cute and make me more excited for the colors. I’ve been looking at June as well and it does look tame compared to Hayden! It’s a semi-jelly from what I can see, so people have been complaining about streakiness and needing 3 coats. Hope I don’t regret not picking it up, but I don’t see it selling out anytime soon.

  3. This polish really glows, doesn’t it? Everything looks great on you, even when it kinda doesn’t, like you said here (unfortunately I have to agree with you that it doesn’t do your skin any favours).

    I think it’s like when one has a really good figure, any clothes look good on you, even if the clothes don’t look that great themselves (yeah I’ve already said it, you have great hands and nails!).

    These sort of light orangey colours seem to be in fashion this spring; I can’t wait for Chanel’s June to come out here next week. Seems like a softer, more forgiving version of this.

    I know Essie will have a similar colour coming out in their Spring collection, so maybe everyone can find something suitable. By the way, do you use Essie at all or is it not available in Japan?

    I love that you give Dior polishes some love though, it feels as though most Western bloggers are fixated on Chanel polishes, so it’s harder to find the Dior swatches and reviews.

    • Hi Leila! Woud love to hear what you think of Chanel June. I checked out their Spring colors and passed on all three, but now I’m wondering if I’ll regret passing on June since it’s limited edition. Are you getting the other 2 as well?

      We have Essie polishes in Japan, but don’t own very many. They’re also almost 16 GBP here, I know other countries’ pricing so I can’t help but feel swindled! Ridiculous, isn’t it? Are Essies your favorites?

      Thank you so much for leaving me such kind words! I really enjoy reading your thoughtful comments. :)

      • Aww, you’re welcome ^-^

        I’ll let you know what I think of it when I get it (hopefully in the next week). Since June is limited edition, it’s the priority, but I’m not sure about getting the other two yet and then there are Dior’s spring polishes. Can you believe I haven’t tried Dior polishes yet?

        I like Essie, I’m not sure I have a favourite brand though. I guess it was on my mind when I asked because this reminded me of some other brands doing orangey colours for spring. I realized I hadn’t seen you feature some of the more obvious nail polish brands so was curious about whether they were available to you (and what’s available in Japan).

        I know exactly what you mean about feeling swindled, we get some pretty ridiculous prices compared to the US too, but £16 for an Essie polish?! A couple more and you could buy yourself a Chanel or Dior over here. I suppose there’s good and bad for all the countries though – I wish we had some of the Asia-exclusive makeup for one!

  4. Oh my, that’s a really crazy shade! But it’s got a strange appeal… Think you can use it for Halloween ;-) This year Pantone has rated Tangerine Tango as the colour of 2012 and I guess you’ll be seeing lots of oranges and peaches flying around.

    I wish I could subscribe to Julep but they don’t ship overseas. It’s a shame because there are so many beautiful colours that I’d love to try. Doesn’t help when I keep drooling over your pretty Julep nails too.

    • Strange appeal — exactly! I would absolutely wear Tangerine Tango on nails and on clothes! How about you? Did you hear that Pantone will have a makeup line in the near future?

      And same here lyn, I didn’t realize how many people outside of the US/Canada see my Julep posts. I hope I win their “Golden Box” so whatever I receive can go toward a giveaway. :D

  5. ROFL… (I never use ROFL) Once again your application is impeccable despite the challenging color and formula.

    This shade reminds me of my OPI italian love affair, which is a bright neon pink. I thought it’d be a girlie barbie pink but it is super neon in any light!

    I may try Hayden on my nails but probably won’t go out of my way to buy it. To be honest, it could be a good polish for “bad hair day” since everyone would only see the nails.

    I have found that some shades are not wearable on my toes but look acceptable on my fingers. Weird?

    • Haha a polish for bad hair day! It really is. This one’s neon in the bottle and neon on the nails — I would have never picked this up for myself, either.

      You know, I have some colors that look better on toes than fingers and vice versa, too. I think Chanel Dragon might be one of them; I’ve been seeing a lot of manicures in Dragon (in time for CNY) and they all look stunning! It looked like dried blood on me on my toes, but I never got around to wearing it on fingers. Which ones are like that for you?

      By the way, I really gotta see you ROFL… :D

  6. I’ve wanted this one since I first saw swatches of it a while ago. I love bright peachy orange shades like this!

  7. This is RADIOACTIVE Peach!
    What a great color! Love the pics and guess on what this polish reminds me!?
    Remember my Pic of Paradise under black UV light? It just looks like that color only in real light! How cool is that plz!?
    Now is the first time I am really sorry that they won’t sell the Julep Stuff in Germany, cauz this is a color I would buy and use, despide my only Dior and OPI policy.
    Great one Hun!
    btw: did you layer a white basecoat underneath?

    • Haha it really is a radioactive peach! I would have absolutely passed this color onto you if I hadn’t already opened it. I’ll remember that you like bright colors like this. :)

      And nope, there’s just a clear base coat underneath. It’s a very milky pastel orange. :D

      • whoop whoop! Even more a great polish if it is looking like that without a white base! It really looks so fab!
        And girl, you are soooo sweet!

  8. That’s very “day-glow-y!” I like light orange polish (kinda like orange sherbert or creamsicles) but I draw the line at day-glow! :) Kinda like your nails precede you every time you walk in the room! ;)

    • Mmm, orange sherbet and creamsicles. :D Too bad this one is neon and doesn’t look so delicious anymore! I’ve been catching people staring and I don’t blame them. It’s every bit obnoxious as it seems. :P

      • That’s the one thing about some of these bright dayglow/neon colors … they only look good for a day or so. That’s because the “effect” wears off due to UV exposure, so instead of looking “creamy,” it looks “pasty.” Is yours blotching at all?

      • BTW, now you know why most light shades are sheer! ;)

        • Mine didn’t become blotchy, but it was a pain to apply! It was just so chalky, as if there was powder inside the liquid. I’m not sure how else to explain! lol It stayed as if once I applied, though, and the top coat might’ve helped. :D Did you try it yet?

          • No not yet. I’ve been eyeing this box so I thought I better get it fast. Still too cool here for those colors. I was one of the ones who declined the Feb box but got it anyway, so I’ve been wearing Viola! :) I was very stoked about the green one (for St. Patrick’s day). I believe they actually do put powder in the neon shades. Kinda like paint. I am getting the “extra” Valentine “surprise” box (with my credit for the Feb box) but I have to say, the Viola and Oscar are very pretty.

            • That makes sense. I’d totally forgotten about St. Patrick’s Day! The green and neon creamsicle are my favorite from January. The Feb box is on its way to me. :) Very excited.

  9. Did you get the It Girl again? Along with this box I also got Carrie, another “neon” shade!

    • Yup! I got It Girl again since I wanted all polishes. Carrie looks like such a happy, girly pink. :)

      • It is! Can’t wait for spring!

      • P.S. You’ll like Oscar. It’s beautiful!

        • It looks fabulously blingtastic! Need it now! :P Do you wear it perfectly opaque or with the base peeking through?

          • I always wear it on top of a color, even it it’s one coat of white. At Christmas, I used the Lippman Gold (with real gold, btw) on top of Butter London’s British Racing Green, and I put Oscar on top of Viola (after a few days of wearing Viola alone). One coat, so it’s not too much. Top coat mandatory. BTW, Lippman has 2 really nice white polishes that their glitter polishes look great over. This is especially good for the glitters that have a sheer color base.

            • Those combinations sound gorgeous, Pook! Can’t go wrong with gold. I saw that Oscar already has really good coverage with one coat. Thanks for white polish suggestions. I realized I don’t own a single white polish — that must be a sin! :P

  10. Hi Peach! So I bought the Chanel June polish and I do like it. I haven’t used it in a full manicure yet (it can take me a while until I actually use something once I buy it), but when I did swatch it, it was really pretty. It didn’t feel too thin either and personally, I liked the formula.

    I think it does seem like a softer version of this polish, without the glow, neon. It’s simply a lovely, milky peach colour. I think it’ll be a good alternative for anyone who likes this type of colour but wants a soft version.

    • Hi Leila! How exciting that you got Chanel June! :D Thanks for letting me know you find the formula workable. I love the candy-like look and have accepted that some sheerness comes with it.

      Hayden looks quite garish and flat compared to June, I bet. You’re tempting me with your “milky peach” description. :) Have others in the collection or Chanel’s recent releases caught your interest?

      • Hayden is a pretty cool colour, just difficult to wear. I had to sell my bottle of Essie Bright Tights after swatching it on one nail (strictly no returns on cosmetics in Europe) as it was practically glowing! Haha, that one makes Hayden looks positively tame in comparison!

        As for sheerness of candy and pastel colours, have you ever tried using a layer of opaque white polish underneath? This can really make colours pop and depending on the polish, you could even get away with only one layer of colour.

        Although tempting, I’m not getting the other colours in the collection just yet (besides, I hear April and May will become permanent, only June is limited edition, so I can take my time deciding).

        One colour I am looking forward to though, is Sky Line. Have you seen it yet? The pictures are all over the internet from the shows. It will be part of one of those ultra-exclusive summer releases so hard to find.

        “Milky peach” does sound delicious, doesn’t it? Now that I think about it, I think all the colours have a touch of milkiness to them. April is a deep red and May looks like a bright pink, but both are muted with a touch of “milkiness”. Does that sound strange?

        I do think you can work June, but you should definitely check it out in person, at the very least, if you can.

        • You and Pook are making white polish a must have! :D I become so stubborn and just keep layering until I’m satisfied with the opacity. I own nudes but not white, so am going to remind myself to snag one soon.

          I’m looking forward to Sky Line as well! I passed on the others that came out recently with the Glossimers because they were in the same color range as the Dior ones that arrived around the same time.

          Will definitely test out June in person when I can. Btw, there are no returns on cosmetics here as well. That policy makes me think harder about a purchase, I think. :)

          • When you’ve got a sheer light color that you just can’t make work, it’s a must have! Lippman’s whites are “Amazing Grace,” which is the opaque white, and “Like a Virgin,” which is sheerer. You may want to try NARS Écume, which is very white. The line of OPI Pirates of the Caribbean are also good as base coats, as they are muted pastel colors and quite opaque.

            We have returns on all cosmetic products. New York State law. I’ve had arguments with online sellers about that. If they charge NYS tax, they have to abide by NYS laws! :P

          • Yes, yes, everyone needs white! White is essential, every painter will always have white in their kit and so should those of us who play with makeup and nail polish!

            Nudes could work too, but they could change the undertones of the colours, which is why I prefer white when a colour is perfect.

            We don’t have the new collection of glossimers yet, but I do like the look of Frisson polish that comes with it, since I don’t have anything like it yet. Unless you can suggest an alternative? Bring on Sky Line for summer!

            Pook, you have no idea how lucky you guys are in the US! From what I know, you guys are the exception rather than the norm.

            • Hi, Leila!
              Yes, I know we’re lucky about being able to return cosmetics. It only started about 8 years ago, so I remember when you couldn’t! But as far as the types of product available, it goes both ways. There are some great polishes in Europe and Asia we can’t get (or get easily) and I’m sure it’s the same for you guys. Maybe we should put an organization together where we can trade back and forth! :) Pook

  11. I like the color! Not sure if i’d wear it very often but it’s still pretty.

  12. I can’t see myself wearing this… but you seem to have that superhuman ability to rock any colour. *envy* Hahah!!!

  13. I find myself checking your blog *at least* once a day now :P!!
    Miss your swatches :3
    Orange doesnt look good on me T,T
    This one looks nice on you, just like always>:]

  14. OMG, this color looks so GORGEOUS – I want!! Can you get Julep in Europe, do you know? But your review of it, kinda scares me lol. Doesnt seem to be easy to apply on the nails.

    • Hi, Helz! I love the color too, even though it’s a bit tricky to apply. I’ve had better luck with other Juleps, though. This brand is unfortunately not sold in Europe, but it’s going to be available in US Sephora soon, so I hope it makes its way to more countries soon! :) Thanks for visiting!

  15. It’s not a colour I would wear. In fact, a colour that would clash horribly with my skin colour. But by golly, I want one in my stash so much! It’d be such an attention grabber at work and I’ve found that (as a teacher) having attention grabbing nails is amazing esp for pointing at things on the board. HAHA.

  16. Your nails are perfect!! What do you do to keep them growing straight without having it curl in at the edges?

  17. I hope you’re ok. I miss reading your blog…

  18. Me too! Please come back.

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