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Julep Nail Vernis Helena

Julep Helena Nail Vernis Polish Bottle

Did you hear? Neon is in for 2012. :D And while I’m not quite ready to go out rocking bright pink eyeshadow or donning a highlighter yellow dress, what better way to embrace a trend than to wear it on the nails?

I dove into the trend with Julep Helena, which is not only a spunky hue, but also has a finish that’s edgier than a traditional creme.

Julep Helena Nail Vernis Polish Swatch
Julep Helena swatch sans top coat in indirect sunlight

Helena is an “ultra-saturated fuchsia,” says Julep, and it certainly is in the bottle. On the nails, we see less fuchsia and more berry pink that’s a slightly warmer, less violet version of the bottle shade. It’s not what I expected, but I really love the outcome!

Its finish was also unexpected. It applies extra glossy and vivid in a single coat (I applied 2 to even out the shape), and I was ready to report that it’s possibly the shiniest creme I’ve ever encountered. However, less than a minute later, it started to dry into a plastic-y, matte finish.

Julep Helena Nail Vernis Polish Swatch Outdoor
Julep Helena swatch sans top coat outdoors

There are other brands that offer this type of rubbery finish, and one I’ve featured here is Dior Paradise. Their look and feel remind me of liquorice candy! I like the finish and didn’t apply a top coat, but of course you can add it for regular glossy finish and durability.

I adore this loud, rubbery berry pink! Would you wear this vivid color? Do you like rubber finishes?

Availability: $14 on Julep.com. I received my bottle as part of the Julep Maven Membership Program. Read my Julep Maven review hereRight now, US & Canadian residents can take the quiz and join here for 1-cent (regularly $19.99) by entering code NEWYEAR2012 at checkout. (Disclosure: these are referral links that provide me $15 Julep credit when you join.)

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25 Responses to Julep Nail Vernis Helena

  1. I do love this colour and I will definitely wear it! I also like the packaging – looks like a gloss =) And this nail newb me don’t know what rubber finish is. -.-” Semi matte? Looks like rubber? Stretchable? LOL!

    • I like the bottle, too! It’s different and cute. Rubber finish looks and feels like rubber, sort of like an eraser. Not sure if you can see in these photos, but it’s not glossy compared to a regular creme finish. Yup, it looks as if it can be stretched/squeezed!

  2. I love your blog! It is SO beautiful!
    Can you tell me what camera you use?
    Love your pictures, nails and writing..

    Thank you so much for doing this wonderful work!

  3. I usually don’t go for colours like these, but this one is absolutely awesome. It would go really well with Bobbi Brown’s Neons and Nudes collection this spring!

  4. I’m not into the rubberized finish so much, but I must say it looks incredible on your nails – my jaw dropped! I just love the shape and length of your nails, too. They’re the perfect canvas for this fun shade.

  5. Your nails are amazing! I love this color on you, and it’s definitely something I could see myself wearing, as well. The finish is also interesting to me! Love it!

  6. I really, really like this color! It reminds me of a cream version of China Glaze Flying Dragon; I can’t think of another neon cream that is quite this color. I might have to order this one specially from Julep! No mail here today so no new Julep box but hopefully it’ll get here tomorrow…

    • Hmm, I did an image search of Flying Dragon and a lot of the swatches make it look really purple but a few make it look more purple-fuchsia and that’s what my bottle looks like. Just don’t want anyone who looks it up to think I’m out of my mind with the comparison!

    • I looked up CG Flying Dragon and it’s very pretty! I like the shimmer. I think Helena might be a bit more pink, but I can see they’re both purple-fuchsia like you said. :D I got my January box so I hope you receive yours soon!

      • I just got it! It is some sort of natural law, that the day you are most looking forward to the mail is the day that the mail is late–I ventured out in the snow two times before it finally was there on my third trip! I just did some quick swipes on paper and the one I am most excited about is Hayden, a super bright neon-y melon. They were backordered on my complimentary polish so I got a code for a free polish of my choice–perhaps Helena will be joining my collection sooner rather than later…

  7. Oh I love this shade! Don’t know what the texture is like, but the colour’s very pretty! :D

  8. I like the new horizontal orientation of the nail polish bottle and your nails diagonally!

    You’ll have to explain if rubber is the tactile feel of the finish. I think it would be lovely, but at the same time I’d be afraid of it wearing off from my rubbing.

    The colour is just perfect for spring. It’s not too neon to me, and indeed very bright and cheerful.

    • Thanks for your feedback! I thought it’d make sense to flip the bottle horizontally since the lettering on the bottle is that way. :D

      Rubber finish not only feels like rubber, but looks like it, too. It’s plastic-y and semi-matte, like a rubber ear-bud or liquorice candy.

  9. This color is sooo pretty on you!!!:)
    awww ur pics are all so pretty!!sooo professional :p

  10. OMG! I love that color! It looks really great on you (and I think it would do so on me, too *lol*)! It kinda reminds me on the Dior Purple Candy without the glossy finish.
    I like the finish here and that you are wearing it without top coat.
    and hey, I wouldn’t wear bright pink eyeshadow or a yellow dress either… but this np with blue jeans, a berry top and some berry high heels or blue plain flats: so hot!

    • You and your piiinks! :D You’d like this. It does look like Purple Candy! I know you can make a simple outfit look HOT. I used to have a summer strapless dress in this color, but that would be a little overkill. :P

  11. Really beautiful on you! I may need to try this one.

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