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Dior Vernis Amazonia 605 (Fall 2012 Golden Jungle Collection)

Dior Amazonia Vernis 605 Nail Polish Bottle

While I’m not without complaints in this daily 35C (95F!) heat that induces sweating within 5 minutes of being outside and the extreme humidity that makes me stick to myself like glue, I absolutely love the I-just-want-to-eat-ice-cream-all-day summer. Everything just looks sunnier and brighter and I feel sunnier and brighter. The thought of fall and darker, cooler months ahead (anything below mid-20C is cold to me!)  just makes me want to hibernate…on a tropical island.

But if we’re talking nails and not about mother nature, bring on the darker, cooler fall! Autumn invites an abundance of deep colors that give great contrast to the skin — my favorite kind. I commend Dior for creating such a color that is as bold as it is risky for the Fall 2012 Golden Jungle collection, in a shade that’s not classically “pretty” to appeal to most, but is as daring as the brand itself.

Dior Amazonia 605 Vernis Nail Polish Swatch
Dior Vernis Amazonia 605 swatch in indirect sunlight

Dior Amazonia is a mid to dark swamp green crème. More specifically, it’s an olive khaki with a drab-brown undertone; it’s not quite olive enough to be a military green.

When I think Amazon, I think of (aside from the Internet shopping mecca) the lush, bright green rainforest, but I assume Amazonia is the color of what you’re stepping on as you trudge through it to admire the surroundings. It could be mud, or it could be “presents” left behind by wild animals…

Dior Amazonia 605 Vernis Nail Polish Swatch Outdoors Fall 2012 Golden Jungle
Dior  Vernis Amazonia 605 swatch outdoors

But I love this odd color and I love the formula. Having worn a shimmery nail color prior to Amazonia reminded me that you need a more careful application with any crèmes as mistakes are less forgiving. Dior’s tapered brush and thicker formula (opaque in 2 coats!) made it a breeze.

Like many crèmes, lighting changes color brightness. More of the olive color comes through with ample lighting. I took the below photo under bright, direct summer sunlight, but I’m not sure I’ll get to see this side of it when I’ll want to wear it again during fall and winter when sunlight isn’t as strong.

Dior Amazonia 605 Vernis Nail Polish Swatch Direct Light Fall 2012 Golden Jungle
Dior Vernis Amazonia 605  swatch in direct sunlight

Amazonia is not a classically “pretty” color, but I know there are fans of these odd shades out there! :D I, for one, absolutely adore it but will try to not neglect brighter colors while the summer sun is still beating down. 

What about you? Did you pick up Amazonia or other shades from the Golden Jungle collection?

I surprised myself when I didn’t pick up Bengale or the croc-crackle duo. I’m not a fan of crackle polishes, but perhaps I’ll change my mind about Bengale. In some countries, Golden Era is also included in the collection, which I added to my collection last year (in fact, it’s the very first post of this blog) and the Dior SA kindly confirmed that they are the same shade.

P.S. Yes, my bottle of Amazonia was injured from the start. There is an indentation on the glass bottle that bug me just a little bit, so little that I had to mention it. :P

Availability: USD $23 limited edition at Dior.com, Dior Beauty boutiques and counters.

9 Responses to Dior Vernis Amazonia 605 (Fall 2012 Golden Jungle Collection)

  1. I got Golden Era (been wanting it every since seeing your swatch!) and Amazonia. I thought about getting Bengale but I bought quite a bit of luxury polish last month (4 Dior and 2 Chanel, which is a lot for me at least) and upon checking a few reviews/swatches I decided that I really didn’t need it. I might buy the croc duo if I knew where it was being sold over here!

    When I first saw the collection at my Dior counter they only had Golden Era out. I hadn’t seen any promos of the collection, but as I was talking to the sales associate and getting ready to buy Golden Era I noticed that the model had a gorgeous olive green on her nails. So I inquired eagerly after that polish (Amazonia, of course) only to be told that the counter hadn’t gotten it in yet and I would have to preorder. At which point (in my head) I turned into Veruca Salt–but I want it knowwwwwww! Haha so I just preordered Amazonia and waited a couple of weeks. I haven’t worn it yet, though–I think it is gorgeous but I haven’t been in the mood for fall colors yet. Although hopefully 95F days are in the past where I am (famous last words!).

    • Seems we have similar tastes! I was so intrigued with the promotion photos for Amazonia, too! I was expecting more of an olive green as shown on the model, but I still like the swampy color it turned out to be. I’m not yet ready for fall colors, either, and will definitely revisit brighter colors. Is it already getting cooler where you are?

  2. Nice polish color! It does temp me to go and find it at my nearest Dior counter. Peach, what top coat do u use to get that incredible high shine, almost jelly like gloss? Or is it due to professional lighting? love it!

    • Hi Sarah! I give all the credit to Seche Vite top coat! It’s incredibly glossy and even makes little bumps and mistakes disappear like they didn’t even exist. I highly recommend you try one if you haven’t already.

  3. Even though the color itself is not glamorous, I think it looks quite nice as a low key but intriguing shade. Having wore Julep Michelle for the last few days, I think dark color is perfectly fine even for summer.

    The indentation actually looks like a crack in the glass. I wonder if there is any human inspection in their QA process…

    • I agree that it’s a calm color. Just seeing black, brown, or any dark color makes me feel sweaty in this heat and humidity, though! Julep Michelle is so pretty and I can definitely see it as your kind of color. :D

      The glass indentation is smooth, like something got stuck in the mold while they made the glass! LOL Wouldn’t it be fun to go see where these polishes are made?

  4. I luv your blog Peach! May I ask what kind of camera do you use?

  5. Yeah it would be cool to go check out the assmebly line! Where can we get a private tour? hehe

What say you?