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Julep Nail Vernis America The Beautiful

Julep America The Beautiful Macro Bottle

I’m a glitter nail polish newbie.

In fact, it appears this is the first time I’m featuring purely glittery nails on à la peach.

I’ve been a stubborn crème or jelly finish lover; I scoffed at “bling” that is chunky glitters and flakes, proclaiming that the finest finish of them all is a shiny, solid color varnish with a sleek, car paint-like look.

When I received Julep America The Beautiful as an extra freebie in the July Julep Maven Box in celebration of US Independence Day, I was appreciative of the gift but thought to myself, “I’m never going to wear this!”

But I’m just a peach human. We all make mistakes and say the wrong things. I wish I could’ve bitten my tongue (if peaches had tongues) and taken back my words because, watching the Olympics, admiring the athletes’ nail art (and skills, of course), and being mesmerized by the synchronized swimmers’ (their bodies are UNREAL!) sparkly, glamorous costumes…


So, despite my being Team Japan, I voluntarily reached for America The Beautiful and it couldn’t have been a more glitter newbie-friendly, satisfyingly sparkly treat!

Julep America The Beautiful Swatch
Julep America The Beautiful Nail Vernis swatch in indirect sunlight

Julep America The Beautiful is a mottling of small blue-red glitter in a clear base with larger royal blue and silver hexagons, plus even larger sparse silver stars. I should actually say the stars are scarse since you either have to dig around to find them in the bottle or hope that you get lucky. I got a star on 3 out of 5 fingers on this hand. Not bad!

I started off painting in long strokes like I would with a crème, but quickly found that glitter polishes don’t work this way; it’s better to work in short strokes and directly dab onto “bald spots” to even out the finish. Since there aren’t any streaks and bumps to worry about, you can patch up any areas with at any point in the manicure. There’s no need to be precise! I’m sure this is all common knowledge for bling veterans. ;)

Julep America The Beautiful Swatch Outdoors
Julep America The Beautiful Nail Vernis swatch outdoors

I applied 1 sheer coat and 2nd thicker coat in dabbing motion. You could wear a solid base color underneath, like a matching red to quicken the process or perhaps a blue for more contrast, but it wasn’t difficult to achieve opacity with it alone. Top coat is a must if you want to ensure longevity.

Now, if you like disciplined order in your manicures, this glitter polish isn’t for you because, as you can see, it’s a mishmash of contrasting colors in the bottle, and even more so on the nails. I quite like the unevenness and how randomly all the specks apply. I even don’t mind that the stars can often become lost underneath the smaller flecks. No nail seems intentional and that’s what makes this special.

The fact that America The Beautiful obviously seems USA-themed has its pros and cons; while it will probably get limited wear for special occasions (or not!), it’s an ultra quick way to get fun and festive red-white-and-blue nails without having to draw nail art or use multiple polishes. I just wore this for fun, but especially if you’re Team USA, it’s not too late to sport Olympic-cheering nails. :D

Availability: $14 on Julep.com and Sephora.com. I received my bottle as part of the Julep Maven Membership Program. Read my Julep Maven review hereRight now, US & Canadian residents can take the quiz and join here for 1-cent (regularly $19.99) by entering code COLOR2012 at checkout. (Disclosure: these are referral links that provide me a Julep credit when you join. Thank you for your support!)

14 Responses to Julep Nail Vernis America The Beautiful

  1. Oh this looks amazing! I’m glad you’re back peach!

  2. I have yet to try glitter myself! Just thought it’d be hard to apply since it’s got a different consistency. Thanks for the tip!

    Have you tried different color on each finger? You could totally sport red/white nails for Japan on four nails and paint one with America the beautiful. :)

    • It’s definitely different from what I’m used to, but that made it fun! I still love simple nails, though. I was thinking of doing a Japanese flag somehow, but I thought it’d end up looking like a red blob on white…which is never a good thing!

  3. Holy smokes! That is gorgeous! And I’m so happy to see another post from you, Peach :D

  4. I loved America the Beautiful, it’s a really cool glitter. One of my favorites from Julep in the past few boxes. It was tres clever of them to include it in all July boxes because I always get my box a few days before or right at the beginning of the month and it was a no-brainer 4th of July polish. I think you could wear it at other times, though–I actually wore it with a gold chrome (gold=festive to me!) and AtB as an accent and it looked less obnoxiously American, hee.

    • I agree, it’s such a cool one with contrasting colors! You’re lucky — I’m assuming you’re already playing with the August box, then? :)

      • Yes, haha, within country shipping is quite quick compared to Seattle to Japan, I’m sure! The August box is really cute; I was happy to get a white metallic because I had sort of wanted Chanel Attraction but not badly enough to spend $26 on it.

        • That’s the Boho Glam box, right? I had such a hard time choosing between that and It Girl, but ended up with It Girl in the end. I got a white metallic in the July It Girl — Kate. Haven’t tried it yet! It feels like white polish is a must have, but it’s my very first one.

  5. /happydance that you’re writing again!

    (also, you might be more peach than human, just saying <3)

  6. Peeeeeeach; you’re back! :D :D *chomps*

    (And holy crap, this is so much cuter on your nails than I thought it would be. Star-shaped glitter; ahh!)

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