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Julep Maven Box #14: September 2012 Classic With A Twist (Trina Turk Fall 2012)

Julep Maven Box September 2012 Classic With A Twist Trina Turk Fall

If you’ve been subscribed to Julep Maven for several months now (or since the beginning!), the boxes you’ve been receiving have most likely been adding up to a nice Julep rainbow. Add to this other brands of polishes in your stash, it means I’m getting a little pickier as to which colors deserve a space in my collection. (No shame if you have your favorite colors in every tint of undertone. We understand.)

As tempting as it was to choose the bold green and blue of Boho Glam Box or Bombshell Box for that beautiful robin blue, I picked Classic with a Twist for colors I hadn’t yet owned from Julep.

I realized this box is the most un-Trina Turk (as her Fall 2012 collection was all about bold colors) in this Julep x Trina Turk Fall 2012 collaboration, but let’s take a look.

Julep Maven September 2012 Classic With A Twist Trina Turk Fall Email

Included in the September 2012 Classic with a Twist Trina Turk Box (descriptions from Julep):

  • Sophie – chic truffle mushroom crème (reg. $14)
  • Brandt – opaque off-black crème (reg. $14)
  • Julep American Beauty Volumizing Mascara in Jet Black – lash growth enhancement ingredients and micro-fiber applicator separates, conditions, and plumps individual lashes for a thick and gorgeous finish. (reg. $24)

Mascara? That’s a first! We first saw Julep include non-nail related products last year with lip glosses, and they’ve since then created argan oil (which I’ve been forgetting to try), and now mascara. I do wish they’d stick to mani/pedi products like their lovely cuticle oil and hand cream with sunscreen, but I’ll give this a shot.

Julep Maven Box September 2012 Classic With A Twist Trina Turk Fall Sophie Brandt
Julep Sophie Nail Vernis (top) & Brandt

I like that these bottles have the Trina Turk logo on the caps. Nice touch without changing the overall look.

I also noticed that I seemed to have gotten a new bottle design as well. Sophie has the new glass bottle and Brandt came in the same bottle as always. Julep Nail Vernis is now Julep Nail Color Vernis à Ongles. Well, excusez-moi! :P

Julep Maven Box September 2012 Classic With A Twist Trina Turk Fall New VS Old Bottle
Julep Sophie Nail Vernis (top) & Brandt

Flip over the bottle, and you no longer see directions. Just their info, updated year, and more French. Intéressant, non?

Julep Maven Box September 2012 Classic With A Twist Trina Turk Fall Inserts

But back to the box. I love the included magnet with an illustration by blondelasagna. (I love it more that her signature is her Twitter handle!) I also enjoy reading the quotes in the box every month, this time by Yves Saint Laurent.

I’m kinda-sorta curious why the illustration and quote aren’t by Trina Turk since this is a Trina Turk collaboration…but c’est la vie!

What did you think of this month’s Trina Turk boxes?

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10 Responses to Julep Maven Box #14: September 2012 Classic With A Twist (Trina Turk Fall 2012)

  1. I hope you’ll do a review on the mascara! I skipped this Julep box but the inclusion of mascara intrigued me.

  2. I already told you that I skipped, but I’m such a packaging sucker that they almost, *almost* got me with the special caps. I think it is a bit of a calculated risk on their part to include non-nail/hand care items–I don’t mind it per se, but I don’t wear makeup (too lazy!) and so if I don’t like the It Girl option, I’m going to have to REALLY like the colors in another box to settle for getting only two colors and a third item I will never use. Also I haven’t gotten a cuticle oil yet, boo :(.

    • Packaging suckers unite! :D I’m with you! I always want It Girl, too, but it included the oddest color combo this month! I noticed Julep has never included the same non-polish item twice, so I keep wondering what they’ll include the following month.

  3. I really like the charcoal colour of Brandt. Even though it’s dark, somehow it feels formal. Maybe because it reminds me of the material of a suit!

    Will you be swatching these? Now I want some a grey creme colour, I have shimmery greys this dark, but now I think a creme would actually be pretty cool.

    • Hi Leila! I actually really liked the look of Brandt that I already wore it and love it! It is impressively smooth and is a one-coater. It’s dark, but definitely smokey grey and not black. So pretty. Your comparison to a suit is spot on. :D I’ll be wearing it again and swatching, along with Sophie.

  4. I AM FLOORED that you liked your magnet!! Thanks for the praise and check out blondelasagna for my daily drawings!

    • Oh wow! I’m ecstatic to receive a message from the artist herself. :D Thank you for dropping by and leaving me a comment! I’ve added links to your artwork above.

  5. Your pictures, momo <3

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