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Julep Maven Box #16: November 2012 It Girl (Suedes)

Julep Maven November 2012 It Girl Suedes

Yes, that’s right; it’s the November Julep Maven box. Showing you my Christmas manicure made me want to tend to some “unfinished business” here before the year is over, so I thought I’d play catch-up with the Julep boxes I’d received for future reference. Do bear with me?

Since I’ve had these polishes for about a month now (though apparently I didn’t know how to navigate Julep’s revamped website, resulting in my waiting for weeks before contacting them about my “missing” box that was never ordered by me in the first place), I can say that I really enjoyed the contents.

Julep Maven November 2012 It Girl Matte Top Coat Hailee Nora
L to R: Matte Top Coat, Hailee, Nora

Included in the November 2012 It Girl box (descriptions via Julep):

  • Matte Top Coat – ultimate matte suede finish
  • Hailee – khaki green suede
  • Nora – silver aubergine suede

These are my first ever suede nail polishes oh, how I love them! I say suede is like the lazy girl’s (read: my kind of) varnish; it dries in less than a minute into a unique finish, and you don’t even need a top coat. I like!

Julep Maven November 2012 It Girl Extras

With our respective ever-growing nail polish collections, I’m sure you can relate to often having the “been there, done that” feeling of seeing similar colors over and over again. (If not, tell me your secret!) Well, I’ve been in that state of mind, wanting to find a change of nail scenery without much effort (like with nail art or hard-to-remove glitter), so these suede finishes were like a breath of fresh (polish-fumed) air to me.

Did you like the November box? I know it was a while ago, but nosy me wants to know. :)

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6 Responses to Julep Maven Box #16: November 2012 It Girl (Suedes)

  1. I did like my November box. I didn’t particularly want it–I too got confused by the new website and the box arrived rather out of the blue–but when it came I was pleased. I think I got the Boho Glam box with Amber and something else. I already wore Amber and enjoyed it quite a bit–I have a few of the OPI Suedes and thankfully it was fairly different to OPI You Don’t Know Jack suede.

    Unfortunately this post reminds me that I missed the cutoff for selecting this month’s box, too! Oh well, guess I’ll like whatever I end up with; I know the theme is neons and nudes.

    • Same here, Julia. I’m not jumping up and down anymore when I view each month’s choices, but I end up enjoying them once they’re in my hands. Amber looks lovely — really liking how “grown up” the suede finishes look. Classy chic?

      Are you usually Boho Glam? I chose that for January. Was trying to avoid pinks/oranges/yellows and ended up with that one. :)

  2. I got the Bombshell box with Hailee as an add-on. I was pretty happy with my box. Typically, I’m not fascinated by suedes but Hailee was enough to catch my interest. And after seeing your swatch, I definitely made the right choice!

    Also, I do agree that the new website is a little awkward to navigate.

    • Hi Amanda! I love Trina in the Bombshell box! Is Hailee your first suede, too? I wish all polishes could be as quick-drying as the suedes.

      Yeah, the new site looks fancy, but I feel like we have to go through multiple pages to choose our boxes now. Oh well, suppose we’ll get used to it in no time.

  3. I really want to try these Julep boxes, but too bad they don’t deliver here. I love this shade you have on! Wonder if there are any dupes that I can get here.

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