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Julep Caroline Nail Vernis

Julep Caroline Nail Polish Vernis Bottle

I didn’t realize this until now, but I seemed to have befriended quite a few Carolines in my life so far. The Carolines I know are fiercely independent type A personalities; this color seems to perfectly suit their go-getter attitudes.

Just as an effortlessly, yet immaculately worn crimson lipstick can give a woman an extra boost of confidence, a touch of red on the nails can yield the same effect. This particular one, Julep Caroline, is the power color red mixed with a touch of mischief.

Julep Caroline Swatch Nail Polish Indirect Sunlight
Julep Caroline swatch in indirect sunlight

If you’re a lover of shimmery polishes, you’ve probably come to expect them looking quite differently on the nails compared to how they look in their bottles. Is it because light is shining on the shimmer particles from all directions in the bottle? I don’t know, but they almost always end up looking darker and less multi-dimensional on the nails. I keep this in mind so that they don’t leave me disappointed. :)

Julep Caroline Swatch Nail Polish Indirect Sunlight Closeup
Julep Caroline swatch in indirect sunlight

Caroline is no exception. In natural light, it is a blackened shimmery carmine red. The base color is a dark, maroon-ish red; the color you’ll see on the nails. It is packed full of fine red shimmer that can appear vermilion to even cardinal and orange. They come alive with plentiful of light.

Julep Caroline Swatch Nail Polish Direct Light Closeup
Julep Caroline swatch under direct light

And under bright light is how I like it best; bright, shimmery cherry in the center and near-black maroon along the edges. Is it a unique color? No, but this type of bright-center, dark-edge finishes are one of my favorite looks. As expected, this contrast is the most intense under direct overhead light.

If you were to change your nail polish from day time to night time (I would if I had the patience!) I’d say this looks best worn out during the night, when you’ll be indoors with moody overhead lighting. Candlelight? Even better. I dare you to try eating on a dinner date without stopping to admire your shimmery nails. :P

P.S. I’m as ready to break my Julep posting streak as you are probably sick of seeing them! Looking at a pile of unworn Julep polishes is what’s probably causing me to choose them over others to wear, but I think it’s time to venture a bit. Thanks for your patience. ;)

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6 Responses to Julep Caroline Nail Vernis

  1. It’s nice to see you again peach! I see you’ve done a few posts this week, will have to go back over those.

    This looks so similar to Chanel’s Malice nail polish released for the winter collection.. What a hit that was, it was all sold out everywhere here after a few weeks! So fast! Did you try it at all? I’d call it this a dupe for Malice, of course this is cheaper, so what’s the difference right?

    I agree with you about the shimmer in nail polishes, I’ve learnt not to fall in love with the colour in the bottle without trying it on. Why can’t they make a polish that has a visible fine shimmer (not glitter) like in the bottle more often?

    These sort of colours are gorgeous and I’ve just recently got into them. Slowly, slowly expanding my collection. There’s a OPI called Midnight In Moscow that I’m considering, it’s in the same colour family as this one.

    I don’t mind the Julep posts, they are nice, but it will be even better to see what Dior’s you have acquired in this time ^-^ Did you try the winter collection ones with the cute, round packaging? I bought two, my first Dior polishes! (I don’t know what’s wrong with me, taking so long buying them when I have a small collection of Chanels – Dior is my favourite brand!)

    If they ever finish (have you ever finished a colour polish?) I might just have to fill the bottles and keep them for display. The entire collection was spot-on for the season, it felt so opulent and captured the mood perfectly. Oops! sorry for hijacking your post with Dior!

    • I predict you will be addicted to Dior, Leila! I really didn’t quite understand the appeal to Dior until I finally bit the bullet and bought a couple, and then I was hooked! The ornament shaped bottles for the Holiday collection were darling–which did you get? I could only justify the dark one with the golden shimmer (Diva, I think?).

      I have to dissent a bit–I think this Julep is a fairly different to Chanel Malice. It’s much more reddish-brown than Malice in my opinion. I think you’re closer with OPI Midnight in Moscow. Do you own Malice? I was lucky enough to get it for Christmas; apparently my father had to go around to several Chanel counters looking for it but he did find it! It’s quite beautiful.

      • Hi Julia!! *butting in* I didn’t understand the appeal of Dior at first, either — I was a fan of Chanel polishes before then. Can’t say I’d be able to differentiate a Dior from another brand of the exact same color on the nails, but there’s something about their pretty square bottles and tapered brush that’s appealing! Diva is so pretty. :) I wish they’d done more colors in the cute round bottles (and with their normal brush instead!)

        Thanks for letting us know about Malice vs. OPI Midnight in Moscow. I agree, Malice seemed a little more maroon/pinkish-red compared to Caroline. Your dad is so sweet to have hunted Malice down for you!!! Mine would be very lost amongst the cosmetic counters. :)

    • Hi Leila! You know, I got Julep Caroline at around the same time that Chanel Malice had been released. I did check out Malice at a counter, but passed on it after swatching because Caroline was similar enough (though not an exact dupe) for me. Wonder if we missed out?

      I am stoked about your first Dior Vernis purchases! I’m going to side with Julia and bet that you’ll be addicted. ;) I’ve become a helpless junkie and have been picking up all the colors Dior has been releasing, including the winter collection. I think they’re adorable, too! A friend also gave me a very cute set of 3 in a gold box. The ball bottle design is vintage and I found out my mom owns one in exactly the same bottle from the 90s. :) May have to borrow it from her soon.

      Come hijack my posts anytime! :) You are always so sweet! I hope you had a wonderful holiday/New Year and that your studies are going well.

  2. Oh Julia, thank you about the Malice vs OPI Midnight in Moscow comparison. I was just taking a guess as to what could be similar and Midnight in Moscow was on my mind since I’ve been considering it. It was very sweet of your father to hunt it down for you.

    For the holiday collection, I bought both Diva and the bronze topper Diorling. Diorling didn’t seem very worth it to me at first and if it wasn’t for the cute LE bottle, I wouldn’t have even bothered, but at the counter I tried it over Diva and it looked better, more shimmery, like the Diva in the bottle (as I mentioned above, those pesky invisible shimmers that make you fall in love with the bottle but won’t show up quite so much on your nails).

    I do love the wide brush of the Dior even more because of the pointy tapered end, so you get the best of both worlds! I still don’t own a regular polish from them yet, (what is wrong with me, Dior’s my favourite brand!), but hopefully soon. Haha, you’re both right, I know I’ll be addicted once I start, maybe that’s why I’m delaying.

    I wish we got some of the Asia colours here, especially the recent Dior in Bloom collection you’ve posted about (also, the Diorsnow collection looks very pretty this year). I don’t see why we don’t at least get them as a Selfridge’s exclusive.

    Peach, you will have to let us see your mother’s version, even if it’s for photos of the bottle and you don’t use it on the nails. It’s very interesting to see the vintage designs!

    I had a good holiday overall, hopefully this year gets even better. Hope the holidays were fun for you!

    • Oh gosh, I haven’t worn Diorling yet and didn’t even realize that it’s a topper! Thanks for sharing about layering it over Diva to mimic its bottle color. Very cool tip that I wouldn’t have known or thought about! And thanks for the reminder to borrow my mom’s bottle, too. I would really love to share it here!

      Yes, next step is their regular Vernis line! :) Dior has really become one of my favorites, too. What else do you like from the brand?

      I agree, the Diorsnow collection looks great this year; even better than last year’s. I still don’t understand about Asia exclusives! Much easier to make the same collection for all countries, no? :P

      Good to hear you had a nice holiday overall. Thanks for coming to visit here and comment again! It’s always fun chatting with you!

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