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A Shy Hello with the Not-So-Shy Born Pretty Store Cosmiss Nail Polish 04 (Candy Color Glitter Sparkle Yogurt Series)

Cosmiss Yogurt Series 04 Bottle

When online retailer Born Pretty Store contacted me a couple of weeks ago to inquire whether I’d like to review their products, I was in disbelief. After all, my last post here was nearly six months ago. Flattered as I was to be asked, I wondered: what made them think I’d suddenly start again?

I’d pondered this space often during this long hiatus for the nth time, and every time, I’d over-thought and analyzed (read: procrastinated.) Is this actually useful? Does the blogosphere need yet another review of the same product…two months after launch? Do my readers enjoy this? Do I mind that it’s consumerism-driven and societally “shallow?” (I may be a closet hippie.)

You get the idea.

But I accepted. Holding myself accountable with an unofficial agreement seemed to be the most effective motivator. I miss this creative outlet and the process of photographing, writing, and sharing with you when I don’t.

So let me  jump right in and show you one of two nail polishes I chose: Cosmiss #04.

Cosmiss Yogurt Series 04 macro

What Cosmiss #04 lacks in non-numerical name, it makes up for with bountiful of glitter. I mean, just look! I spot hexagonal turquoise, silver, orange, and purple confetti (and is it just me, or are some polka-dotted?) with thin strips of silver slivers.

Cosmiss Yogurt Series 04 Swatch
Born Pretty Store Cosmiss #04 swatch in indirect sunlight

All of these different colors somehow work with the milky turquoise base. The swatch on BornPrettyStore.com showed a bluer hue, but to me, it is a greener, mint-like shade.

Cosmiss Yogurt Series 04 hand swatch
Note to self: don’t be such a hand cream hater — start using one!

It takes at least 3 coats for full coverage, much like a translucent base for French manicures, but in turquoise instead of pink. It’s not all bad news, though; the thin texture creates depth, letting previous glitter layers peek through. I became overzealous and applied a 4th coat for even more glitter, but the layers turned quite thick, like gel nails. Still, I like that the last coat made the base more vibrant!

Cosmiss Yogurt Series 04 Swatch 2
Born Pretty Store Cosmiss #04 swatch in indirect sunlight

One thing that concerned me at first: it has a paint-like smell, unlike any of the other polishes I own. I did some detective work and plugged in DBP, toluene, and formaldehyde, the 3 toxins of concern, into google translate, but I didn’t spot them on the list of ingredients written in Chinese (which I can’t read, but can recognize characters due to knowing Japanese.) Born Pretty Store actually contacted me about it, saying they are aware of the smell, but confirming it is toxic free and as well as cruelty free. Nice!

Born Pretty Store Cosmiss Yogurt Series
Other colors in the Cosmiss Yogurt Series. Photo via BornPrettyStore.com

Cosmiss #04 is part of the Candy Color Glittery Sparkle Yogurt Series (I like to just say Yoghurt series) and retails for $4.36 on Born Pretty Store.

The company provides free worldwide shipping from their Hong Kong location. My package took 2 days (!) to reach me in Japan, but they say to allow 2~3 weeks for delivery.

Born Pretty Store 10 Banner

They let me choose a 10% off code OMG10 for you to use, if you want to try one out yourself. That’s easy to remember, right? :) (I do not receive commission, by the way, but perhaps they’ll know you were referred by me.)

What do you think of this glitter? I find myself staring and running my fingers over my nails to feel their texture. I also got a green one, which I will show you soon!

17 Responses to A Shy Hello with the Not-So-Shy Born Pretty Store Cosmiss Nail Polish 04 (Candy Color Glitter Sparkle Yogurt Series)

  1. Glad to see you’re back! I don’t think you should worry whether or not your posts are “necessary” to the blogosphere. I think you should post because you really want to, not for the purpose of pleasing the readers. And the things we take interest in might seem shallow, but isn’t that the whole point of blogging? Many people started beauty blogging because they wanted a place where they are able to talk about nails and makeup with people who are interested in these topics as well.

    Anyways! I really love glitter nails, but I hate the removal process so much more. The foil-method makes it slightly easier, but it’s still such a hassle and absolutely horrible for the cuticles :(

    • Hi V, thanks for leaving me encouraging words! It’s nice to hear it from someone else that I needn’t over-think things and to just enjoy the process. It really is fun to be able to share and talk about these topics with like-minded people. :)

      But gosh, I agree about glitter removal. I haven’t removed these yet, but am already dreading the thought of soaking my skin in remover just to get these off!

  2. Glad to have you back! This polish is gorgeous, I really love the combination of glitter used.

  3. I’ll say one thing – you picked a gorgeous colour to make your comeback! :D Cosmiss looks like they have some really pretty combos!

  4. What the blogosphere needs are your gorgeous nails, hands and photography. Who cares if its not the newest/latest. Perhaps if you don’t want to be so focused on nails, you can always branch out a little, keeping nails as your core. I find it easier not being too focused myself and it can sometimes be refreshing :) Don’t be a stranger, Peach! ;)

    • I kept nodding to myself as I read your comment! Thanks for coming here to leave me kind words and a kick of encouragement. Totally needed that! I appreciate your no-BS attitude and like it when you branch out on your blog as well. :)

  5. Peach! It’s good to see you back, I missed your posts. While I love beauty blogs, I hardly read nail polish-centric blogs, but for some reason, I really like yours. I’m not sure exactly what it is that makes me love it so much, but I do know that part of it is your photography (and pretty nails and hands, you really do model the polishes well, hehe ^^)
    Maybe it’s also your “voice”. Don’t we all respond to certain writers more than others?

    Anyway, I don’t think you need to fret about the shallowness of it all. Humans need to sometimes have fun away from the important things and escape, it doesn’t mean you can’t be serious when needed. So long as you don’t let the fripperies control your life and place too much importance on them, then it’s ok :)

    After that detour, let’s get to the nail polish. Cosmiss is a lovely summer colour on your nails, bright and fresh. Glitters are fun but they’re such a pain to remove! I think I only have one or two. I remember loving glittery polishes as a child (not that I wore it much then of course, just as an occasional fun thing to do) but upset that my tiny little child-sized nails could only fit a few specks of glitter. Now that they fit more, I don’t wear them much due to the removal process.

    • Hi, Leila! It’s nice to hear from you and I’ve missed talking to you here! Thanks for the sweet compliments (you gave me a motivation boost!) and the reassurance about “shallowness.” I sometimes get so caught up on the small stuff, so I liked hearing your perspective. You’re so right that, stepping back, this is only a small, fun, entertaining part of our lives. Your comment made an impression on me. :)

      It’s nearing time to remove these glitters, and I’m not looking forward to it. I’m honestly tempted to pry them off instead of drenching my fingers in remover, but that’s probably not great for the nails, either.

      Your being upset as a kid with not enough glitters on nails is such a cute image. I “forget” how tiny kids are sometimes; it makes me chuckle that a “manicure” for my 5-year old niece takes something like a minute or two!

  6. Hey shy peach! Glad you’ve returned after your hiatus. I thought perhaps there hasn’t been anything inspiring in the world of nail color? Now your post reminded me that I have yet to try my glitter polish from Julep for 4th of July! ;-)

    • Hi, how have you been? I’ve been accumulating some new colors during the hiatus, so I have a lot of options! Glitter is such a pain to remove, but so fun for those special occasions. I want to see photos when you wear yours. (Julep America?) I’m surprised and happy to hear from you. I miss you!

  7. Peach!!! I was just thinking about you today and decided to stop by your blog. I am glad I did. I always enjoy your swatches, no matter when the polish was released. This looks beautiful on you!

  8. I love these! The turquoise one you did is fantastic, I also like the pink and red one (second from the top on the left) and the pale skin colored one (third from the top on the right). I found the best (and only) way to get these off easily … you MUST use a heavy duty basecoat, I find the Sally Hansen one which is the all around base coat/top coat is the only one that works.

    • P.S. Hong Kong shipping is FAST to the US! I never have a problem. When I buy something on eBay, it’s like getting it from L.A. It takes longer to get packages from Canada than places like Hong Kong and Australia!

    • Now I wish I’d chosen one of the pinks since I got the green (on the top left) and for some reason, it looks quite close to this turquoise one and not at all like the stock photo. I want to try it out, but I’d been so discouraged after taking *so* long to remove this one! I’ll have to try your suggestion and load up on the base coat. The problem I had was that I would get the nail polish portion off, but the glitters would stick to the nails for dear life!

What say you?