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Do You Avoid “Typical” Nail Colors? Exploring with SEPHORA by OPI Nail Colour I’m Wired

Sephora OPI Im Wired bottle

Something about choosing to wear coral during the summer seemed painfully typical. Is it just me, or is there an unspoken Nail Code that says: if you truly love nail polish, avoid all shades of reds, pinks, and corals (and nudes and sheers) or you shall be lumped with the varnish-unenlightened commoners?

It might be because we now have access to so many different hues of all sorts of different textures and finishes that, if you choose a classic red, a bubblegum pink, or a coral or a nude (or, god forbid, you want to enhance your natural nails with just a top coat!), your fellow nail lovers wonder precisely why you chose that instead of the shimmery taupe-purple quadruple-chrome linear holographic option with octagonal glitter and 24k gold flakes.

Sephora OPI I'm Wired swatch
SEPHORA by OPI I’m Wired in indirect sunlight

But of course, we can wear what we like. Even with glitters and shimmers galore, my favorites are simple, solid crèmes. Oddball colors make my heart palpitate, but even I was tiring of my “rebellious” choices. Is it such a crime to paint a “common” color, available at every brand? Does a pair of classic black pumps suddenly become moot in the world of embellished Louboutins and Blahniks? No.

Sephora OPI I'm Wired nail polish swatch hand
SEPHORA by OPI I’m Wired swatch in indirect sunlight

And looked at it another way, it almost feels oddly rebellious to wear a “typical” shade in a sea of 3D gel tips and glittering accent nails. There’s nothing boring about red hot nails and Barbie pinks — they undoubtedly make a bold statement on immaculately manicured hands, don’t they?

Sephora OPI I'm Wired nail polish swatch 2
SEPHORA by OPI I’m Wired swatch in indirect sunlight

…Which brings me to these coral digits. SEPHORA by OPI I’m Wired is an electric salmon-pink. Or is it? Subdued in the bottle, it deepens into a shocking coral that leans pink in natural light, but definitively orange under warm artificial light. It’s a typical shade, all right, with a slight kick of its almost-neon presence. I’m wearing OPI On Collins Ave on my toes, which is also a coral, but appears red next to I’m Wired.

I’ve been reaching for nothing but my favorite blues and purples that it’s a shame not to explore, even if it meant going back to the tried-and-true crowd pleasers. I’m Wired brings a smile to my face whenever I’d (often) glance at my hands, not because it’s a particularly unique color (though it certainly is bright as far as this type of shade goes) or a particularly impressive formula (streaky first coat, thankfully opaque on the second) but because it reminds me precisely of what it typically does — of sunny, bright summer days.

Do you normally find yourself avoiding “typical” nail colors? If so, why not join me in sporting a classic shade? :) I’d love to hear your favorites.

No, I don’t have giant hands — this is a mini bottle which came in the SEPHORA by OPI Life’s a Beach nail kit

7 Responses to Do You Avoid “Typical” Nail Colors? Exploring with SEPHORA by OPI Nail Colour I’m Wired

  1. I like unusual colours for nail polish, e.g. Butter London has some amazing holographic ones. I’m probably more adventurous with my toe nails – I would happily paint them a vampy purple. But I don’t dress outrageously at all and sometimes I find sporting a “typical” colour on my fingernails is actually more suitable for my image. Proudly wearing Essie’s Clambake (a hot coral orangey shade) and OPI’s Lucky Lucky Lavender on my toes. I might do mint green next. I just like common pretty shades… no crime in that ;-)

    • Definitely no crime in that! Is mint green considered a “common” shade now? I can’t stay away from greens/blues and their various tones.

      By the way, you’re looking amazing during your pregnancy! Excited to see more updates from you.

  2. Peach, you’re back!!!!!! Yaaaay!! *happy dance*
    And your nails are as gorgeous as ever! You need to start posting on TPF again or get an Instagram account or something so we can see your lovely nails more often!

  3. This looks so good on you!

  4. I love I’m wired. I got it in a duo with a golden shimmer together. It really is pretty and never boring to me. I still prefer the classic creme finishes and from time to time a nice holo or matte or even glitter, but I am not into every trend; you know me ;-)

  5. hellooo Peach :3 !!!
    The last time I visited here was so long ago :< but now I am back haha start blogging again :p
    meeee!! (raising up my hand=v=") I just tend to avoid tropical colors :< especially orange!! but I do love to see it on other ppl 's nails :3 hehee just like yours :) I think it looks nice on you :] !!

  6. Beautiful hands!!! And yeah… though I love the odd chartreuse/silver glitter polish, my heart belongs to corals… =)

What say you?